The David Duke Show: How and Why the Jewish Establishment Supports the European Genocide

David Duke
October 28, 2015


Dr. David Duke and Pastor Dankof explain how and why the Jewish establishment supports the European Genocide!

Today Dr. Duke and Pastor Mark Dankof had a fascinating conversation about the insanity of U.S. policy regarding Syria and Russia and the way the media manipulates the public to support policies that are against their interests. Dr. Duke reported that Obama Administration officials are considering sending U.S. troops closer to the fighting in Syria. This would effectively turn our soldiers into human shields for Al Qaeda and ISIS to protect them from Russian planes and the armed forces of the legitimate Syrian government.

They also discussed the absurdity of the Bengazi hearings, which ignore the complete illegality of the American intervention in Libya and the absolute collapse of social order since the snuffing of Libyan leader Qaddafi. This effectively has turned Libya into a superhighway for African migrants headed to European shores.

You don’t want to miss this program!


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