The David Duke Show: Genetics and Race

David Duke
July 9, 2015


Dr. Duke went into the details of genetics and race. While much of it is common sense, there is an “emperor’s clothing” phenomenon in society today that has led people to close their eyes and pretend that there is no such thing as race. This censorship of reality is the work of the Jewish intellectual elite, which seeks to destroy the European majority in the United States and other countries so that Jewish supremacists can replace them as the rulers of those societies.

Ironically, those same Jewish supremacists who are trying to destroy the concept of race among the goyim are busily researching their own racial genome for such reasons as screening potential immigrants to Israel to make sure they are racially Jewish.

This show connects the dots for you and helps you see reality for what it is. Spread it around and help throw some clothes on that emperor.