The David Duke Show: Exposing the Zio Orchestration of European Genocide

David Duke
September 16, 2015


Dr. Duke talked about the threat to European mankind from the massive flood of refugees into Europe fleeing Zio wars as well as from economic opportunists. While some white nationalists are seeking a white homeland in Eastern Europe or the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Duke spoke of the need to defend all of the countries with European populations.

Pastor Dankof joined the show and brought up the co-opting of the Conservative movement, and even evangelical Christianity, by Jewish tribalists who do not share Conservative or Christian values. It has gotten to the point where the “Conservatives” seen in the media can be pro-gay marriage and pro-immigration, just as long as they oppose the Iran nuclear deal.

These two great researchers present information and analysis that you will find highly persuasive and won’t want to miss!


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