The David Duke Show: Exposing the Rotten Roots of European Genocide w/ Germar Rudolf

David Duke
November 18, 2015


Dr. Duke and Germar Rudolf expose the rotten roots of European Genocide!

Today Dr. Duke had German researcher and activist Germar Rudolf as his guest for the hour. Mr. Rudolf explained the demographic collapse faced by Europe, and Germany in particular, and juxtaposed it with the population explosions that are on going in Africa and the Middle East. When combined with a Zionist led open borders immigration policy, the result is a rapid replacement of Europe’s native population with foreign groups that are fundamentally hostile to its culture.

The discussed the difference in policies between the former East and West Germanies. While Democratic West Germany, with full knowledge of its plunging birth rates, let in massive numbers of Muslim immigrants with much higher birthrates. By contrast, Communist East Germany promoted native German birthrates, especially among high performing university educated women.

This is an eye-opening show that explains so much about the dramatic events we see unfolding around the world. Please share it widely.