The David Duke Show: Exposing the Lies of the New Jewish Anti-White Hate Film ‘Hidden Figures’

David Duke
January 27, 2017

Today Dr. Duke and Attorney Don Advo talked about the new film “Hidden Figures,” which is the latest in a long line of anti-white hate films churned out by the oh so Jewish Hollywood. The three African American women featured in the movie were portrayed as being absolutely critical to the success of the space program. In fact, their contributions were so minor that even black magazines like Jet and Ebony, which strive to spotlight any black achievement, never mentioned the women until Hollywood decided to make a film about them. At that point, even President Obama jumped on the bandwagon, awarding one of the women a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Then he and Don Advo discussed President Trump’s first days in office, focusing on his executive orders limiting immigration refugees from certain countries and opening the way for construction of two oil pipelines. They agreed that he is still being cautious, but bigger things can be expected once his cabinet is confirmed by the Senate.

This is another fascinating show that you will want to share widely.