The David Duke Show: Exposing the Anti-White Lynch Mob Mentality at Mizzou U

David Duke
November 14, 2015


Dr. David Duke & Dr. Slattery expose the anti-White Lynch Mob Mentality at Mizzou U.

Dr. Duke focused on the insanity going on in American universities where the Black Lives Matters pseudo movement has caused the resignation of the President of the University of Missouri and is now making outrageous demands on universities across the country. He pointed out that blacks at most major universities are already the beneficiaries of affirmative action, very much to the detriment of non-Jewish whites.

Dr. Slattery pointed out that the football players who threatened to boycott were likely violating the terms of their scholarships. This new attack on whites at the education institutions they founded (but have been hijacked by Jews) is the latest front in the accelerating Zio campaign to marginalize and replace whites around the world.