The David Duke Show: Duke vs. Thom

David Duke
July 13, 2015


Today was an amazing show in which Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery discussed Dr. Duke’s interview with Thom Hartman and the White House’s invocation of Dr. Duke’s name. Dr. Slattery ran down a list of important points made by Dr. Duke in his interview as well as the weaknesses and falicies put forth by Hartman. He pointed out that whether it’s “progressives” like Hartman or “conservatives” like O’Reilly, the moment Jewish power is raised they speak with one voice in defending their Zio paymasters.

The doctors agreed that we are at a critical juncture, with the Zio attack on European Americans at reaching a frenzy with the anti-Confederate push. But the attack is on multiple fronts, whether it be Hollywood’s degradation of our values and our reputations, the Ivy League’s massive anti-white discrimination, or bankster exploitation. It is time to push back — not with immoral violence but by standing up and no longer enabling our own repression. There is nothing to fear. We are at the threshold of our own liberation, and all we have to do is step across!

This is an inspiring show packed full of ideas and information. Spread it around and let’s take that step!


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