The David Duke Show: Donald Trump Destroys Hillary in Debate Unlike any Other in American History

David Duke
October 10, 2016


Today Dr. Duke had talk radio host Farren Shoaf as his guest for the hour. They dissected the debate. Dr. Duke pointed out the significance of Trump remaining true to his principles and disagreeing with his own running mate’s call for a no-fly zone over Syria. Mr. Shoaf, while praising Trump’s overall performance, said that he missed an opportunity when Hillary repeatedly said that the Russians want Trump to be elected. Trump should have said “yeah, because they want peace.”

Dr. Duke pointed out that regardless of what one thinks about Trump’s private comments about kissing women, Hillary Clinton with her pro-Black Lives Matter and pro-Massive immigration policies actually places our women and real risk of being raped. Mr. Shoaf pointed out that the last time the Clinton’s were in office they were involved in non-stop scandals.

Dr. Slattery asked how could anyone base his vote on Trump’s private comments about liking to kiss women and ignore Clinton’s policies that would lead us into increasing lawlessness, replacement-level immigration, and a very possible World War III.

This is a great show. Please spread it widely.