The David Duke Show: Dissecting the Debate and the Totally Corrupt Media Establishment

David Duke
October 20, 2016


Today Dr. Duke had reverend Mark Dankof as his guest for the hour. They went over the contents of the third presidential debate. Hillary was predictably awful, a fact that is becoming ever clearer. Pastor Dankof cited a number of leading leftists like Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein who are pointing out that Hillary is the candidate of war.

They acknowledge that Trump missed opportunities to finish off Hillary for good by tying her to the push for World War III or by raising the clear evidence proving her support for ISIS. In many ways Trump has difficulty enunciating the message, but there is no one else who could have brought the message before the American people the way Trump did. They also talked about the various ways that the election system has been rigged, and defended Trump’s statements saying that he may reserve judgment on accepting the election results pending evidence of massive fraud. Dr. Slattery joined the show and wondered why nobody is asking Hillary to accept the people’s vote on November 8 and not try to flip Republican electors.

This show gets to the real core issues. Please share it widely.