The David Duke Show: Debunking the MLK MYTH & Joogle Lie that the Greatest U.S. Inventors Were Black

David Duke
January 16, 2018

Today Dr. Duke had a very special Martin Luther King Day program. He presented a great deal of evidence that MLK was NOT the saintly figure he is made out to be. The media and public school system has turned him into the founding father of a new, post 1965 America, but the reality is that this new America is Jewish dominated and dedicated to destroying the white population that created America and were still close to 90% of the population in 1965.

Then Dr. Duke and Andrew Hitchcock go into the absurdity presented by Google that almost all of the great American inventors, scientists, and mathematicians were black. Anyone who went to school with blacks knows that they do not excel in these intellectual endeavors, yet each February public and schools devote massive amounts of tax payer-funded classroom hours to studying the amazing accomplishments of our black genius class.

This show is a powerful show. Please share it widely.