The David Duke Show: David Icke Getting the David Duke Treatment from the Jew Power Structure

David Duke
November 21, 2017

Today Dr. Duke talked about the new, clearer message being enunciated by the British author David Icke. David Icke is best know for his cryptic explanations for social phenomenon, such as declaring that a race of reptiles controls world affairs from behind the scenes. Jewish groups have long complained that these lizard people are simply a code word for Jews, to which Icke has categorically responded “no, I mean lizard people (wink wink nudge nudge).”

However, Ickes is become less cryptic, and there is little doubt what he means now when he talks about Rothschild Zionists, which is prompting the Jewish powers that be to give him “the David Duke treatment.” Dr. Slattery also joins the show for some insight.

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