The David Duke Show: Crooked Hillary and the (((Lying, Controlled Media))) Desperately Trying to Stop Trump

David Duke
October 19, 2016


Today Dr. Duke continued to introduce evidence from Hillary’s leaked emails and other sources that make it perfectly clear that she understood that her actions and policies as Secretary of State were bolstering ISIS. She knew that some of the tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons she approved for shipment to Saudi Arabia were going to ISIS. At the same time, the Saudi’s were donating tens of millions of dollars to her Clinton Foundation.

Then he and Dr. Slattery talked about how Clinton’s proposed no-fly zone over Syria would be tantamount to a declaration of war with Russia, something that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Dunford told Congress last month. Dr. Slattery explained the reasons behind the push for war with Russia, which can be described as a Jewish vendetta against Putin. They also talked about the possibility of a constitutional crisis following a disputed election.

This is a fascinating show that you will not want to miss. Please share it widely.