The David Duke Show: Christmas Special

David Duke
December 27, 2015


Dr. Duke had a very special Christmas show today. He voiced what Christmas means to him and the hope that it gives him for the future of the European people and their struggle to be free. He and Dr. Slattery had a discussion of the origins of Christmas and its traditions, and pointed out the heavy influence of ancient European customs that were incorporated into the Christmas celebration.

They then went on to discuss the war on Christmas as not being an atheist or secular attack on Christianity, but rather a Jewish attack on the European people. After all, non-Christians around the world appreciate the spirit of Christmas, and it is only the Jews who despise it because of their hatred of Jesus for having challenged the Jewish establishment and presenting the world with a truly universal monotheism.

This is a show that you and your family should enjoy around a Christmas tree sipping eggnog. Please share it widely.