The David Duke Show: Breaking the (((Chains))) on Hostage President Donald Trump

David Duke
October 31, 2017

Today Dr. Duke welcomed the news that ESPN is considering dropping Monday Night Football due to slumping ratings. Dr. Duke has long called for a boycott of the NFL, dating back to the obscenely anti-white February 2016 Super Bowl halftime show featuring Beyonce’s Black Panther-themed performance. Now the rest of America is catching up, demonstrating the potential economic power of an awakened white public.

Dr. Duke also discussed the need to take President Trump back so he can Make America Great Again. In effect, our movement must Make America Make Trump Make America Great Again! (And let’s Make Caitlin Bruce Again while we are at it!) Dr. Slattery joins the show with a call for banning athletic scholarships.

This is another powerful show filled with information. Please share this show widely.