The David Duke Show: Anti-White Scum Who Promised to Leave – GTFO!

David Duke
November 20, 2016



Today Dr. Duke had British activist Mark Collett as his guest for the hour. They talked about Donald Trump’s latest appointments to his incoming administration. Steve Bannon, General Michael Flynn, and even Senator Jeff Sessions are coming under attack from the Zio media, no doubt because they are not complete cuck sellouts like so many of the neocon rats who opposed Trump but suddenly want to offer their (((experience))) to the president elect.

They went into the new terminology of red pills, blue pills, white pills, and black pills. They agreed that the Trump victory has energized (white pilled) his supporters and black pilled (depressed) his opponents, many of whom promised to leave the country should The Donald win. Well, we’re waiting…

This is a fun show that will red pill (enlighten) your friends. Please share it widely.