The David Duke Show: Aftermath of the Roof Rampage

David Duke
June 22, 2015


Today Dr. Duke addressed the fall out from the tragic shooting in Charleston. The Zio media is exploiting the case to push their false narrative about how evil white people are and how all whites should feel guilt over what this shooter did. In fact, the shooter betrayed the morals and values of the European people by committing this senseless act, and indeed did considerable harm to the cause of European liberation.

Dr. Duke raised the example of a white woman who wrote on the Huffington Post that she no longer wants to reproduce as she does not want to pass along her evil genes. He and Dr. Slattery discuss the fact is that evil has existed in all cultures, just as beauty and wonder has, and painting Europeans as uniquely evil while ignoring the great contributions made by Europeans to human civilization is twisted and wrong. However, it helps move forward the Zionist agenda of increasing their domination over our society by inciting hatred towards an increasingly marginalized majority population.

This is a show with a truly important and timely message that will help people respond in real time to the ramped up attack on European Americans. Help spread it around.