The David Duke Show: A Conversation with Legendary Holocaust Revisionist Germar Rudolf

David Duke
November 12, 2015


Dr. Duke on magic Uncle Ben & then Germar Rudolf a true European hero!

Dr. Duke informed his listeners that he is producing a new video on the Zio Media flavor of the month, Ben Carson, who insists he spent his childhood stabbing relatives and being recruited by top brass at the Pentagon.

Dr. Duke then brought on Germar Rudolf, a researcher who uncovered evidence at odds with certain aspects of the Holocaust gospel. He was imprisoned for four and a half years after a trial at which discussion of the veracity of his evidence was forbidden. Mr. Rudolf has had to leave Germany, which is a good thing for Chancelor Angela Merkel, as it frees up more space for “migrants” fleeing the chaos that her Zionist overlords have created.

This is another great show that you will want to share with your friends.


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