The David Duke Show: 60 Minutes’ “The Forgotten Holocaust” — Forgotten? Give me a Break!

David Duke
October 6, 2015


Today Dr. Duke started the program by talking about a segment on 60 Minutes last night titled “The Forgotten Holocaust.” He pointed out that this was yet another example of the emphasis put on Jewish suffering during WWII, while turning a blind eye not only towards the suffering of non-Jews but also towards the crimes perpetrated by Jews in the years before the war which engendered bad feelings towards Jews.

He brought on Dr. Slattery who pointed out that while there was no Jewish state during WWII, Jews had enormous power in all the important countries and wielded it in their tribal interests. While it is true that the Jews who died in camps were victims and pawns, the same can be said of the dead in any war. Yet the Jewish-dominated media concentrates on Jewish suffering and disguises Jewish perpetrators of atrocities as simply “white.”

This is another must-listen show that you will want to share with your friends.


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