The David Duke Show: 26 Billion Tax-free Bucks for Jewish Nationalist Agendas and for Israel

David Duke
March 22, 2017

Today Dr. Duke focused on a new article by the Jewish Daily Forward newspaper, which reports a $26 billion dollar Jewish Charity organization, based on IRS data. The article mentions that because so many synagogues do not file with the IRS due to the religious exemption, the actual size of the industry may well be much larger.

Dr. Duke notes that these tax-deductible dollars funds not just what would generally be considered charity, but all sorts of groups that advocate for Jewish interests, suppress the rights and interests of non-Jews, and even fund the Israeli military! Meanwhile, there is not a single group that advocates for the interests of the majority population of the United States, and any individuals who dare to do so, or who simply quote Jews who claim that Jews dominate the America in part or in whole, while find themselves under attack from Jews trying to shutdown any means they have of earning a living. Dr. Slattery also added commentary

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