The David Duke Show: The Virginia Tragedy

David Duke
August 28, 2015


Dr. Duke talked about the amazing past week, covering both the incredible inroads he has been making as well as the tragic on-air shooting in Virginia. His programs with Tommy Sotomayor have exposed countless numbers of African Americans to the true David Duke, and his reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

Dr. Slattery pointed out that so many of the concerns expressed by Mr. Sotomayor regarding the plight of the black community have actually been discussed frequently on the David Duke show. This should dispel the Zio-media depiction of him as a “white supremacist” and bolsters his claim to be a true human rights activist.

This show, as well as the shows with Mr. Sotomayor, have enormous potential to open new eyes to the truths talked about on this show. Please copy and redistribute!



  1. I can’t watch. Blacks as friends? Tried that, it doesn’t work. There are many I have to associate with, they’re not our friends, they will always hate us, take and take and take, never give us shit for credit, and blame us for their problems. They resent us for existing, even as we pay for their sewers and streets and schools, and sell our houses for HALF PRICE to move away from them, and then pay DOUBLE to live ten miles away, then pay for our schools and streets, too. Do those gd monkies ever say thank you? No, they’re PISSED OFF AT US. F them. I cannot watch that shit. Useless monkies, burn in fucking hell. They destroyed my whole town, my whole state. Goddamn them .

    • Of course , THEY get a good deal on my old house. When they move into our worst neighborhoods, they’re moving on up, for them. They have the nicest “new” houses in the entire “black” new neighborhood. So, they get to pay the least possible for what is the best for them. Then come back in five years, gunshots, ghetto. They literally never improve anything again.

  2. His Name is YHVH

    Wake up doggies, stop being wagged. If you lack the critical thinking capacity to see that this is a staged hoax, please go watch Wag the Dog the movie, and if you won’t then please just go kill yourself. The White race needs more than a little bit of culling and if you’re not part of the solution, then you are the problem.

    • Lol yea it becomes a hoax because we have been vindicated go crawl back under your rock you kike

      • His Name is YHVH

        Our side often likes to say Hitler was right, but seldom do they want to agree that Hitler was also right about sterilizing Whites who are retarded.

        The ability to see through lies has ever been a sign of intelligence.

        Whatever idiot, I’m done speaking to fools. Just make sure when the shooting starts you point that thing at the dark skinned ones.

      • Vindicated eh?

        You’re probably one of the idiots who has a 401k.

        Stay in the herd.


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