The Daily Traditionalist: Chicago Flash Demo

Radio Aryan
January 9, 2017

TWP HR Director Miles Blyth joins Matthew Heimbach for the first Daily Traditionalist of the week to talk about yesterday’s first White Nationalist demonstration in Chicago for decades. This flash demo involved several organisations protesting the cover-up of the Black Lives Matter terrorist attack on the White autistic boy. Twenty people were able to get together on 2 days notice for the protest, with professional flags and banners to highlight this sickening crime against our people.

Chicago is the most dangerous city there is to do this in yet they were able to walk right up the giant menorah at city hall and emerge triumphant without any conflict at all, after chanting for National Socialism. Accusations of the use of chaos magick have been made by certain people who just want to tear down unity like this. The NSM, TRS and Soldiers of Odin were all there and this shows that it can be done, we are having an effect, we are reaching people and we are recruiting advocates for our race with our multi-media propaganda operations.

One organisation had members who wanted to come, but they banned them from going because the Celtic Cross would be flying. This is shameful, they would rather attack our own movement and diminish support in a desperate bid to appear respectable, when we all know they are going to get called nazis anyway. You cannot get approval from the Jews unless you are pledging undying allegiance to diversity and White genocide, just look at their attacks on the mildly populist Donald Trump.

Division on the Alt-Right has to stop, class co-operation is more necessary now than it has ever been before.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Miles Blyth

The Daily Traditionalist: Chicago Flash Demo – DT 010917

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