The Daily Stormer Returns to TV as Jews Pivot Back Their Alt-Right Narrative

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 2, 2016

Last night, CNN’s Tom Foreman did a report on Alt-Right support for Trump’s immigration speech, featuring this writer, Dr. David Duke, Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor.

All of us, of course, completely endorse Donald Trump’s speech on immigration he delivered on Wednesday.

The play a clip from my appearance on Duke’s show yesterday morning. Not enough of a clip to let you know what I’m actually saying, but just enough to let you know I’m an evil racist and support Trump’s immigration proposals.

They then show tweets from Spencer and Taylor.

The message of the CNN piece, pushed in a follow-up segment with General Flynn, is that Trump has to support mass-immigration because Nazis are against it.

Using this logic, everyone in the government would have to be against everything that racists support.

For instance:

  • Racists are against a nuclear war with Russia – you must support a nuclear war with Russia
  • Racists are against killing cops – you must support killing cops
  • Racists are against homosexual attempts to legalize pedophilia – you must support the legalization of pedophilia

And so on.

Daily Stormer Back in the Media, Apparently

I’ve been featured in several television segments over the past week, as well as quite a few articles. It seems that the strategy has been altered.

Initially, when the Alt-Right term first exploded into the media, they were following the narrative of Milo Yiannopoulos, claiming that the Alt-Right was probably pretty racist, but was also just joking, and was really run by intellectuals who don’t really hate anyone but are just against immigration.

This, as I said, was an attempt to co-opt the movement, in the same way they co-opted the Tea Party movement. I believe it was calculated by councils of Jews. The goal was to offer a compromise with the real Alt-Right movement – which is the mob – where certain figures can become their leaders and they can have legitimacy if they simply change their tone, back these leaders and stop talking about the Jews.

This strategy was explicated in a piece in the Times of Israel by Ron Kampeas (@kampeas) entitled “Anti-immigrant and white supremacist, maybe. But is the alt-right anti-Semitic?” Kampeas was virtually begging for Jews to be allowed to join this Nazi movement. An article in the Jewish Daily Forward by Ari Feldman entitled “Can The ‘Alt-Right’ Distance Itself From Neo-Nazis?” also admitted the plan.

The plan failed.


After a solid two weeks of Milo as forced celebrity, presenting him as the homosexual Jewish leader of the Alt-right, thousand-word essays on the meaning of Pepe the frog and endless interviews with alleged representatives of the movement claiming that there’s no problem with the Jews, nothing has changed. The mob still rages. The gas chamber memes keep pouring through the tubes.

The Jews offered an olive branch, we slapped it out of their hands, spit in their faces and vowed before the spirits of our ancestors to destroy them or die trying.

The Alt-Right does not want Jews in their movement. They do not want Jews in their countries. There is some discussion as to whether or not they should just be gassed in fake shower rooms and turned into furniture and cleaning products (but only after their heads are shaved, so their hair can be used to stuff the mattresses of pure Aryan women).


The Jews have understood this rejection, and are now pivoting back into their original strategy of insulting and defaming us bad, evil people who like to hurt the feelings of others because of hate.

There may be certain people who will be upset about this. People who wanted to see the movement go mainstream at any cost, including going soft on the Jewish issue. These people may even be angry at me. But I have done nothing wrong.

The only thing I have ever done is do my best to express the beliefs and goals of the mob, and without the mob there is no movement. Those who wanted to be accepted by the mainstream as a kosher conservative movement can go start their own pro-Jewish movement and see where that goes. You’re not taking our movement away from us. We built it and it is ours.

Our god Kek hath smiled on us.

We are going to go mainstream. We are going to run the United States and every other White nation. But we are going to do it our way. The same way we got here: without giving a single inch.

andrew anglin brandenburg

Hail Victory.