The Daily Stormer is Still Here

I just want everyone to know: the Daily Stormer will still be here, indefinitely. I’ve been here for 8 years, and if the earth is still spinning, and I’m still breathing, I’ll be here for 8 more.

Things are going to get weird, for sure, but I just want it to be clear to everyone: we will still be here, every day, making jokes and telling the truth.

However, there is a good chance you won’t be able to access the site through normal channels in the coming weeks or months or years.

I just want everyone to save the Tor website:


Save it on your computer, and write it down. Write it down with a pen (or pencil, if you prefer) in more than one place. Maybe write it on a card in your wallet.

For those who don’t understand what Tor is, it’s the “dark web” that you’ve heard so much about on the media. In 2017, when the system came down on us, before we found a way to keep the site up on the normal web, we spent several days on the Tor site.

It works, it is currently used by people every day, and you can even start using it now. I actually advise that. It works with Brave Browser, which I recommend you use anyway. It runs a tad slower, but this is a site with news articles, not a video site, so what difference does it really make if it takes an extra 2-3 seconds to open a page?

If we disappear, that’s where we’ll be. And again, we’ll continue to be here.

I’m going to keep writing this site, no matter what happens. Even if no one was reading it, I would be writing it, as I have it in my brain that this is all going to be used by future historians to understand what was happening during this period of history, so it is important for me to record it.