Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2017

A blue checkmark (aka yellow star) tweeter has claimed that 200 murders are linked to “users of the Daily Stormer over the years,” and implied that this is why the site was kicked off of the real internet and into pedoweb.

Firstly, the sites users have not been linked to 200 murders. That is insane. The SPLC claims Dylann Roof posted here, and that swordsman in NYC allegedly said he liked the site. So that’s ten.

Also, that concept is nonsensical.

How many political assassination attempts have been linked to users of the SPLC? More than the Daily Stormer, I can tell you that.

Secondly – and more importantly – the reasons have already been given for why I was shut down, and they were not because my readers killed over 200 people. I was shut down in the wake of Charlottesville because of a Twitter mob.

Each company gave an official reason.

  • GoDaddy: “Making fun of a dead fat woman is too much and somehow if you make fun of a dead fat woman you might be inspiring people to kill others somehow.”
  • Google: “ToS violation” (this was a lie, there was nothing in the ToS about content).
  • 101Domains/the Chinese (for .wang): “ToS violation” (may have actually existed, dunno).
  • Cloudflare: “They are assholes” (internal memo), “they said we are also Nazis” (unsourced claim in official blog post).
  • Russians: “National hatespeech laws.”
  • Namecheap: “We think this sarcastic joke about Jewish paranoia is inciting violence somehow I guess.”

Not a single one of these people claimed I was being shut down because my readers killed 200 people, even though that would have sounded a lot better (issue is it is easily proven false).

Why Am I Talking About This?

Yes, I get that this is some random guy on Twitter. I have no idea who “Dan Arel” is, and presumably no one does, save probably his mother and his landlord.

Dan, that excess 50 lbs of lard you’re carrying around actually causes your body to create estrogen. It is flooding your brain. That means you think like a woman.

The reason I am drawing attention to this is that it is standard leftist behavior now. They have no arguments, so they are incapable of pushing their agenda by making arguments in good faith.

So instead, they just make stuff up, seemingly randomly.

As I have said: The reason the Daily Stormer was shut down is because the left has already lost the battle of ideas. It’s over. We won.

So now the only remaining option to try and keep dominance over the public is to shut down all dissenting voices, and then make-up goofy stories as to why they are doing it.

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