The Daily Stormer Houston Blitzkrieg!

Daily Stormer
June 12, 2017

Saturday, June 10, Your Friendly Neighborhood Azzmador was joined by Vanguard Texas and several Daily Stormer Book Club local chapters in Houston Texas, which is to be known forevermore as No Limit City.

A group calling itself “Antifa Houston” had announced a rally to drum up support for a program to encourage Houston’s dindu mayor to get an ordinance passed to take down the magnificent statue of The Father of Texas, Sam Houston, astride his charging stallion, looking for all the world like he’s about to run his saber through a battalion of squatty brown people bent on the destruction of the overwhelmingly White Texas army, because he had owned some slaves.

It’s still there, faggots.

Immediately, rumors that it was a troll abounded, and many believed said rumors were a psyop by antifa to attempt to hold down the attendance of counter-protestors, due to the buzz created by the rally being publicized here on Daily Stormer. Signaling and countersignaling abounded, and, truth be told, we will likely never get to the bottom of it.

But that doesn’t matter.

Upon reading about this abominable event, I immediately knew I must go. Despite Houston himself not being nearly as racist as the average Texas Revolutionary Hero (he lived with the Indians as a teen, married a Cherokee woman at some point, and cucked on joining the Confederacy) he was still in many ways one of our greatest Texans, and after the atrocious treatment of Confederate monuments in New Orleans and elsewhere, I was determined to show up, alone if necessary, and tell the legions of anti-Whites, “This stops here, and it stops now!”

So I put out the call for volunteers, and that call was answered by the best men you could ever have at your side, namely, several chapters of the Daily Stormer Book Clubs, Texas chapters of Vanguard America and The Houston Goylers.

Two top members of the East Texas book club joined me, and Friday  night we headed down to H-Town! With a crew like this and the fine planning all these fellas did, I was certain this was going to be 1488% fashy and glorious, and once again, I was right!

My two bros and I showed up early at the designated staging area. As I was meeting up with a group of book club bros, the Vanguard men were discussing final details, and I looked over and noticed they were being approached by a large group of heavily armed and out of shape cuckservatives, mostly Oathkeepers and 3%ers, who were attending under the banner of an extremely cucked Faceberg group called “This is Texas.”

They had decided they would come and tell us what flags we could fly, where in the park we were allowed to go, and what we were allowed to say.

I was not having it. I started the livestream and handed the the camera off to my cameraman and approached them.

Here’s what happened:

At this point, the cucks slunk away with their mangy tails between their legs, although some of them were honorable men who were actually about free speech, and some even seemed to be amenable to coming over to our side, the goofy leadership went and cried like freshly slapped bitches to the Houston Police, so HPD moved us to the best spot, closest to the statue of any group there.

It was actually a spot that they had said no demonstrators would be allowed to occupy. So the Oathbreakers actually did us a favor.

Their leader, who later manhandled one of our bros, then allowed him to be choked by an illegal alien sporting an assault rifle – more on that later – is named David Amad, of Open Carry Texas. He only had the balls to attack when the odds were 50 to 1 and the cops were right there. His email address is and his phone number is 832-366-4044. He has posted these both publicly and requested interested parties to contact him, so help yourself.


Of course, they immediately tried to spin it as their having run us out of the event. The videos prove that is a ridiculous and retarded attempt to spin an abject FAIL into a victory. The video of the event gives the lie to their nonsense.

So, once we got settled in to our spot by old Sam, the media came, and I gave the interview that is setting the interwebs ON FIRE!

As you could see in the full video of the event above, I was interviewed by CNN as well, but I doubt that they will air it, since the attempt at shaming me by the brown reporteress bore no fruit. We shall see.

Now to the choking.

A young bro who had left his signs near the cuck faction unfortunately went back after them alone, and was surrounded by the cucks. Their fat screeching women were just unbearable, and as he tried to have a friendly discussion with them, an illegal alien named Carlos Leija came up from behind and choked him while these vile whores and their cucked manlets cheered.

Here he is.

How are the Oathbreakers ever gonna live this down?

They have not only positioned themselves as being potentially a worse enemy than antifa, they have shown themselves to be more deranged and immature than most antifa commies. It is an especially embarrassing visual to see that they are mostly old boomers, but they act like spoiled, retarded children, while most of the men on our side were very young, and totally mature and disciplined.

It isn’t just the Oathkeepers and 3%ers in Texas either. It appears that they were behaving like bratty morons with guns all over the country.

Insufferable trash, indeed. That is all they are.

So here we are. We had a great event, whether it started as a hoax or not. We got more great media buzz than we could have hoped for, and we showed that the Daily Stormer way – no cucking, no remorse, no apologies – is the best way forward.

It’s just gonna keep getting weirder and weirder with these cuckservatives, and better, brighter, and more glorious for us.