The Daily Shoah 303: Mr. Robinson’s Gayborhood

Mike Enoch
The Right Stuff
June 12, 2018

On today’s episode of TDS, newly elected GOP politician James Allsup joins Mike Enoch and Alex McNabb on the Death Panel to discuss GOP party politics, the alt-lite and the alt-right, Tommy Robinson, Western civilization, tranny stuff, the migrant invasion and white reactions to the decline of the white population. Also Morakiu and the Merchant Minute. Enjoy!

  • Allsup’s election and GOP party politics, the prospects for GOP reform
  • The Tommy Robinson case, why we support him, his supporters march on London
  • Reaching out the to alt-lite
  • The Merchant Minute
  • Gender stuff, tranny kids etc.
  • White identity and reactions to the decline


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