The Curious Case of the FBI’s Curious Investigation Into the Curiously Curious 1/6 MAGA Pipe Bomber

I don’t have a total policy against linking to other alternative media websites. But as a general rule, I don’t do that anymore, because I’ve been so badly burned by people I’ve promoted turning out to be total lunatics.

However, today, not least (but also not most) because it’s Sunday and I’ve already written a lot, I’m going to link what I believe to be a very excellent article from Revolver.News. It is an investigation into the FBI’s claims about a MAGA pipe bomber who dropped what appear to be fake (and certainly not operational) pipe bombs in parking lots outside the DNC and RNC buildings on the evening of January 5, before the Capitol Storm.

It is entitled “FBI’s Ridiculous ‘Capitol Siege Pipe Bomb’ Video Is An All-Out Assault on Common Sense.”

Go read it.

It is simply an excellent analysis of the current state of the FBI’s supposed investigation into this supposed MAGA pipe bomber. It’s also written in a fun way which you’ll find familiar.

I also just want to add my things onto it. They’ve done a lot of research (which I haven’t had time to do), but I have a few common sense comments.

The article correctly points out that the pipe bomber is the single last element of the entire 1/6 event that can be construed as “terrorism,” as they’ve been forced to admit that no one was arrested on weapons charges at the protest, and Brian Sicknick did not die from having his brain smashed in with a fire extinguisher.

The entire narrative of “violence” is now riding on this claim that a white supremacist MAGA midwestern psychopath put pipe bombs outside of buildings in Washington, and the entire story, broken down meticulously by Revolver, is dumb as heck.

Revolver didn’t do something that I did, which was consider the supposed bombs themselves, which the FBI has released photos of. I wrote about this when they released different video at the end of January, and told people to “focus on the Nikes.”

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These the supposed “bombs”:

The “bombs” were placed on the ground, outside, at between 7 and 9 PM, and they’ve got kitchen timers on them.

They didn’t go off.

But if they had gone off, what would have happened? In an empty parking lot in the evening?

Ted Kaczynski used bombs similar to this, and he put them in the mail, and set them to go off when someone opened the package – so it would explode right in their face, and hit them with shrapnel from the metal pipe itself. This is not going to like, blow up a building, or likely even hurt someone who is standing 3-4 feet away from it. Maybe a piece could fly off and cut someone who was standing a few feet away, I guess, but was the goal to just hope someone happened to be in the parking lot at night and got cut with a piece of shrapnel?

It sure would make a lot more sense if this was about creating a headline that said “BOMB PLANTED AT BUILDING,” which most people will read and think it was going to be like the Oklahoma City Bombing.

By the way, there are questions about the Oklahoma City Bombing, but in that scenario, the bomber had an entire van full of explosives.

Revolver goes through the whole thing with the Nikes, in a very funny way.

But the other key thing they don’t mention is this: the stated reason that the Capitol police were not at the Capitol building when it was stormed (aside from the fact that Mayor Bowser ordered the feds to leave the city the day before) was that they were all dealing with these supposed “pipe bombs.” Maybe it makes sense, if they were looking to see if there were more bombs, but would normal uniformed officers be put on bomb sniffing duty? Going on a scavenger hunt?

And if they had the whole thing on video, which they did, why would they not know that these were the only “bombs”?

Point being: this is obviously fake.

They are never going to find this guy in this video, just like they never found the guy who supposedly mailed anthrax to politicians after 9/11. They ended up blaming that on some random mentally ill guy after he died.

Ultimately, it doesn’t even matter, because the public will apparently believe anything, and sites like Daily Stormer and Revolver News are totally censored (them not as much as we, but still, they’re being blocked by algorithms).

But we need a record for history, and you need to understand that these people just fake things outright.