The Cuckservative Meme: We Need to Make Sure This Remains About Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2015

Yesterday, I had a very simple question for the cuckservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain, who describes himself as “more Zionist than Netanyahu” and recently lashed out after being labelled a cuckold.

Instead of answering the very simple and straightforward question – a question one should be easily able to answer in 140 characters, 280 max – McCain blocked me.

Of course, he had to block me, as there is no answer to the question.

The only possible response is name-calling.

No one can name a single relevant area in which Israeli and American interests overlap. So by supporting Israel financially and militarility (as well as any other way they can think up), American politicians and media figures are necessarily demanding that Americans be harmfully deprived of resources (and in the case of the wars, lives) in order to support a foreign power.

This is cuckolding.

Milking This Meme for All It’s Worth

We have been given a gift with the resonating #cuckservative meme, and we must make certain to milk it for all it’s worth.

This term is powerful, as Kevin MacDonald has explained, in that it completely disarms these people as it perfectly shames them with a comparison to sexual impotence.

Their attempts to call us “Nazi/racist/White Supremacist” are coming across as extremely pathetic. All we have to do is not back down when called these things, and push forward with our concise but surely intellectual points of argument.

The name-calling is a desperate ploy to silence and/or dismiss the opposition by accusing them of immorality. RS McCain did name-calling, Erick Erickson did name-calling, Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller did name-calling. None of them responded to the simple stated point that American “conservative” politicians are unwilling to do anything whatsoever to support the White, heterosexual, Christian majority in this country.

Every White in America instinctively knows that “White interests” are a thing, and they instinctively know that Whites as a collective are being brutally violated by an anti-White system. As the rhetoric of the “right” becomes indistinguishable from that of the left, Whites are feeling an intensifying pressure. The popularity of Donald Trump proves this to be uncontested fact; right or wrong, Trump is being perceived as willing to stand up for White interests.

“You’re a racist” just isn’t going to work much longer. In fact, with #cuckservative, we may have just reached the point where it doesn’t work any more. Because with #cuckservative, we are forwarding an openly racial agenda – so calling us “racists” means absolutely nothing, and simply goes to prove our initial point.

The Cuckservative Character

There are several main aspects to cuckservativism, and if a “conservative” politician or media personality exhibits any of these, he is a cuck.

  • Supports non-White immigration (legal or illegal)
  • Supports non-traditional sex roles (homos, trannies, feminists, etc.)
  • Supports #BlackLivesMatter or otherwise endorses Black whining
  • Supports Jews and/or Israel

It is the last one that is obviously the most important, and the one we need to make sure does not get removed from the meme narrative.

Despite all these people claiming they invented it, this meme was invented by /pol/. And it is inherently anti-Jew at its core.

Right now, this term and whatever movement ends up defining it is just emerging into the mainstream. The Washington Post ran an article on it yesterday, in which they interviewed Richard Spencer.

Jew Washington Post journalist writes mostly objective article about racist meme - spidy sense tingles.
Jew Washington Post journalist writes mostly objective article about racist meme – spidy sense tingles.

The article was fine enough, but there was something conspicuously missing: any single mention of Jews or Israel.

I’m not going to blame Spencer for this (though he definitely doesn’t talk enough about Jews). But it did seem that the Post article – written by a Jew, David Weigel – was making an attempt to spin things.

I think the Jew Weigel saw this emerging, and decided that instead of attacking it, he would try to redefine it as “White people who are against immigration and a loss of values in America” from it’s natural form which is “White people who are against immigration and a loss of values in America and want to stop these kikes who are responsible.”

Come to think of it, none of the mainstream articles I’ve seen dealing with #cuckservative have mentioned Jews or anti-Semitism.

Attaching It to Israel

The Jewish problem in American society is, for whichever reason, difficult for normies to understand. They just have a hard time wrapping their head around the idea of a parasite race purposefully manipulating society to diabolical ends. The concept does not seem to be particularly esoteric to you or I, but apparently it is to them. Seriously. I’m sure all of you have had conversations with otherwise intelligent people who simply can’t grasp the concept.

What is much less complicated than that is the Jewish State of Israel. There is nothing esoteric about the fact that American politicians and media personalities are openly swearing allegiance to Israel, constantly. There is also nothing esoteric about the fact that Israel is not America, but a foreign country.

 Israel: It is definitely not a part of the United States of America.
Israel: It is definitely not a part of the United States of America.

So, we focus on that point of attack in relation to the #cuckservative meme – why are all of these politicians so concerned about the well-being of a foreign country? Why are they putting that country’s interests above those of our own country? From this, naturally, comes an even more scathing question: why is Israel, this country which our politicians support so fanatically, allowed to remain racially pure while we are told we have to accept diversity?

Of course, always keep it simple.

There is a key question that needs answered by these cucks, the one I began this article with:

Where do American and Israeli interests overlap?

After the childlike name-calling, the only possible answer is: “well, we care more about the interests of foreign countries than our own country, because we are cuckolds.”

All of these wars are Israel’s wars. We are against immigration and want to deport all recent immigrants, meaning if our policies are put in place, we will have exactly zero issue with Moslems, because they will live nowhere near us. Israel is the one with issues with Moslems.

So we have in the GOP a party which not only wants to allow us to be invaded by hordes of non-Whites, wants to sell-off all of our resources and industry to other nations, wants to coddle violent Blacks and homosexual perverts, but has also sent billions of dollars to a foreign country, has sent us to wars which cost trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives for the sake of a foreign power which has zero shared interests with America.

When people hear this, it might not register immediately. But when they then go and hear the same politicians who support all this other cuckoldry talking endlessly about the need to support Israel, something will click.

And our dream of an Anti-Semitic White America will be one step closer.