The Crucifixion of Charles Johnson and the Rise of Fascism

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2015

Charles C. Johnson, free speech martyr.
Charles C. Johnson, free speech martyr.

As the reader is aware, I have taken to using Twitter in a professional capacity, and it is fantastic the sort of happenings you can witness there.

Sadly, it appears I may have arrived at the end of the age of Twitter freedom.

Following the Stormer Troll Army’s assault on the #FilthyJewBitch Luciana Berger (along with #gamergate assaults on feminists and various other trolling operations, though I tend to think we played the biggest role), Twitter announced that they would be cracking down on “harassment” while continuing to allow free speech.

As predicted, these new rules against “harassment” are being used to stop free speech.

Currently, the buzz is around Charles C. Johnson of Gotnews having his account suspended for allegedly putting a hit out on homosexual Negro activist DeRay McKessen (@deray).

This is a typical Tweet from the silly Negro.

Irate CNN slut Carol Costello (@CarolCNN) made the absurd claim that “take out” in this context was meant to be a threat on DeRay’s life.

It has been pointed out that this is retarded, and the Tweet was clearly referring to a plan to do an investigation into the scheming of the Negro.

Johnson is an accomplished investigative journalist, and was soliciting donations to do further hit pieces on DeRay, who is known to incite riots in the name of “civil rights.”

“Only a fool would think I was trying to do harm,” Johnson told The Mirror. “Are you fucking kidding me? I’m going to kill somebody for 500 bucks?”

“I think she’s a dumb bitch who manipulated a situation with DeRay for her own ratings,” he then told the Daily Caller. “Frankly, CNN’s numbers aren’t the best.”

Johnson attempted to create a second Twitter account, and this was quickly banned as well. He has been banned, as an individual, over a purposeful misinterpretation of something he said. This is political persecution by Twitter, plain and simple. He did not violate the site’s ToS in any way, unless you accept the delusional Negroes claim that he was publicly planning an assassination – in which case, it seems to me, the guy should already be in jail. But he isn’t. As far as I’m aware, police have not even been contacted about this event by anyone at all, including DeRay, who claims to believe Johnson is plotting his assassination.

For the record, Johnson is a Jew-lover and has an Asian wife.  This relates somehow to the autism and gingerism.  Still, he is more right-wing than anything else and he is totally supportive of our rights as Fascists, and he is only 26, so many of his views are still subject to change.

You can get a better insight into where the guy is at by watching his recent interview with a right-wing Greek homosexual.

I suggested to DeRay that he should give up on trying to save Whitey, and just go back to Africa.
Guess he doesn't like the idea of living with his own people.
Guess he doesn’t like the idea of living with his own people.

Weev (@rabite) and others have been involved in a “GingerRevolution” to #FreeChuck from this Soviet-style censorship. This has resulted, for Weev, in a warning from Twitter, which claimed he is organizing a troll mob against an unnamed person.

Weev doesn’t know who he is being accused of organizing harassment against, but has asked whoever is doing it to stop.

This ties into the ongoing Paul Joseph Watson ideological revolt against his fat master, Alex Jones.

Paul has Tweeted in support of Johnson.

Yesterday, the emerging Neo-Nazi icon posted this video about the Black rioting.

It contains the obligatory Infowars circlejerkery about these mysterious “elites” and alludes to some type of secret plan which makes no clear sense, but otherwise accurately depicts the way Jews are using Black rioters to cause infinite levels of chaos in America. He condemns the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Meanwhile, Jones himself is continually tweeting #BlackLivesMatter, and supporting Black rioters across the country.

This comes after Jones staged a #BlackLivesMatter rally against the KKK, saying that abortion was part of a secret Nazi eugenics plan to kill all Blacks.

I recently tweeted big-breasted Infowars reportess LeeAnn McAdoo (@LeeAnnMcAdoo) about her Black boyfriend.

Her original tweet linked to a story about Volvo self-driving cars read: “You have to pay extra if you don’t want your self-driving Volvo to plough into pedestrians,” and I replied “What do I have to pay if I want your boyfriend to stop ploughing white women, LeeAnn?”

I thought it was clever and non-threatening, but LeeAnn responded “kill yourself.”

She then immediately blocked me from tweeting her.

LeeAnn McAdoo and her Negroid rapper boyfriend
LeeAnn McAdoo and her Negroid rapper boyfriend
Sour grapes, LeeAnn.  I am only concerned for your well-being.
Sour grapes, LeeAnn. I am only concerned for your well-being.

Jones’ own house Negro Jakari Jackson (@JakariJax) has constantly been Tweeting in support of the alleged value of Black lives.

During the Ferguson riots, Jones sent Jackson to the wartorn town to incite further violence against White cops, and Jackson filmed himself saying he believed the great hero Darren Wilson was a despicable murderer.

At the same time, Infowars’ reporter Joe Biggs (@RamboBiggs) is openly promoting the materials of DeRay himself, retweeting his attempts to incite riots in Cleveland.

At the same time as all hell is breaking loose everywhere, Jones continues to masturbate with tinfoil, posting about “chemtrails.”

Just last month, PJW did a video debunking the chemtrails cult.

Part of the ongoing Jones strategy is to keep his viewers in a state of constant confusion so as they don’t ask about why he is purposefully covering up so many important issues. Refusing to commit to a side is easier when you ensure the discourse is filled with an endless stream of nonsense.

How much longer can Jones continue to allow Watson to undermine his fairy tale narrative of oppressed Negroes, secret Nazi elites and tinfoil hat gibberish? How much longer will Watson’s conscience allow him to be associated with Jones’ lies?

It will be interesting to see who cracks first, but right now, I’m banking on Watson manning-up and cutting ties to the obese con-artist and his Helter Skelter agenda.

The Moral of the Story

Right now, a divide is happening. And there are only going to be two sides. Either you are with the SJWs or you are with the Fascists. There is no middle ground. People from all walks of life – trolls, hipsters, pick-up artists and conspiracy theorists – are coming together as a unified force to oppose the SJW agenda.

Meanwhile, people who claimed to be conservative while maintaining serious liberal leanings, such as Alex “Let These People Get Married” Jones are going full SJW.

It is truly a blessing that the SJW movement arose. For there have always only been two sides, but now these two sides are clear to all. The SJWs have defined the new right, and made clear that there is no middle ground.

There never was any middle ground. But for a long time the Jews maintained the illusion that you could pick and choose from the “liberal” and “conservative” columns, mix and match and create your own ideology.

But no more.

Soon, we will see each other for who we really are.

I’ve Seen the Future, Brothers

Twitter locking down their systems will merely expatiate this process. At the same time that Weev received the notice from Twitter, he also got slapped with a thirty day ban from Facebook.

At the behest of whining Jews, the establishment is in the process of locking down all free speech on major internet outlets. But banning us is just going to raise our power level, which is already well over 9000. The web establishment always understood this, which is why they never did it before, but now they believe they have the momentum to stamp us out. But they don’t. All that censoring us does is prove the reality that we are the opposition to a monolithic system of social, psychological and spiritual oppression.