The Crisis of Hate-Filled White Supremacist Black People Attacking Random Asians

One of the great innovations we’ve seen in White Supremacy over the last years is their ability to recruit blacks to do their bidding against Asians.

We had yet another example of this problem this week, when a big black bastard, inspired by the racist doctrines of white supremacy, attacked an Asian on a New York subway.

Fox 5 New York:

A video appeared on social media Monday morning showing a disgusting and appalling incident unfolding on the subway.

The video, which was apparently shot on a Manhattan-bound J train in Bushwick, Brooklyn, shows someone relentlessly punching an Asian man in the head. The beating continues even when the victim curls up into the fetal position. With each blow to the head, the victim’s body can be seen convulsing.

The video then shows the attacker then putting the victim in a stranglehold from behind. With his arm around the helpless victim’s neck, the assailant locks his arms and appears to choke him unconscious.

At least one subway rider starts to yell “Stop, stop” but the attacker continues the assault, slamming the unconscious victim’s face into a seat. The victim’s limp body falls to the floor. The assailant then walks off the train as if nothing happened.

Not a single person intervened during the course of the beating.

Yes, not a single person intervened, because they didn’t want to be accused of anti-black racism.

Over the last year, it’s been made clear to white people that they cannot ever question the behavior of a black person, and that every black person can do whatever they want to anyone. This sensible policy was enacted because of a reckoning with slavery and the history of Jim Crow, which lately has become like Jim Eagle.

However, this has allowed for blacks to join white supremacy, and forward a white supremacy agenda, and remain unquestioned.

The real perpetrator of this beating is white people.

But Seriously

It is actually truly incredible that they are running these videos of blacks attacking Asians literally every day, and then saying it is white supremacy.

But it shouldn’t be incredible. When blacks were burning down cities last year, people from the government and police went on TV and said that actually, it was white supremacists in rubber masks doing the rioting.

So after they’d told you that, and you didn’t say “hey yo hol up,” now they can tell you anything.

I don’t even post 10% of these Asian beating videos. There are new ones every day. And they are all blacks.

These are all in New York over the last week, straight from the NYPD “Hate Crimes” Twitter account.

The most recent one, happening after the one at the top of the page, is just from a few hours ago at time of writing:

That one was on video too.

There is not one white person featured on that NYPD Hate Crimes Twitter account, and I scrolled back more than a month.

But the media is literally going out there, talking about this Handjob Massacre guy (who was white), and saying that whites are responsible for these black beatings.

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These black beatings of Asians had been happening for months before the Handjob Massacre, which leads me to believe that the Handjob Massacre was probably a staged event. The shooter was mentally ill, and I think someone could have put him up to it.

It is just too convenient to have that happen, right in the middle of this string of blacks attacking Asians, and to then have this entire narrative rolled out, pre-packaged.

The fact that this is also happening in the lead up to conflict with China makes it all the more suspect.

To be clear (just because I want to be clear): I am not saying that I know the Handjob Massacre was the result of mind control or other FBI meddling. That is, by definition, “a conspiracy theory.” I usually do not like to promote conspiracy theories, and I am certainly not trying to introduce this one as a fact.

But, here is a fact: we know as a matter of fact that the US intelligence agencies spent decades studying mind control, using torture along with hypnotism to get people to commit murders. That is not a secret. You can read the Wikipedia page on MK Ultra, and you can watch endless mainstream documentaries about it.

Here’s a short clip from a National Geographic documentary on the topic from several years ago:

We also know that the Handjob Massacre was incredibly convenient, and fit right into this narrative. We know that the shooter had been involved in psychotherapy, and we know that all of the experiments in mind control were done on people who sought mental health care.

So the options are either:

  1. The Handjob Massacre was the perfect coincidence, which fit right into the mainstream media narrative, right on time, or
  2. The shooter was manipulated into shooting these poor hookers, using techniques that the government openly admits that they have developed

Just from where I’m sitting, it seems more likely, statistically, that #2 is true.

However, I don’t want to be accused of “promoting conspiracy theories,” so I want to make it absolutely clear that I do not know that to be true.

That said, things are getting really weird, and especially with the total lockdown on information, we are going to be required to start entertaining ideas that are outside of the norm.

As a vaguely related example, it has been more or less proved that the 2018 video of a so-called “gas attack” in Syria was staged using actors.

A producer from BBC Syria said this.

The president of Syria, Bashir al-Assad also said it was staged with actors, and one of the guys writing the UN inspection report almost went that far, and hinted in that direction.

Given that we’ve also got the whole “deep fakes” phenomenon coming up, it’s very likely that everything is about to get really weird.

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We need to start thinking along these lines: anything that the media says happens could be a manufactured, fake event.

However, we also need to remember: a lot of the claims about events being fake are themselves fake. The government puts out huge amounts of disinformation into the “alternative media.”

I admit that I don’t know what happened at Sandy Hook. I’ve seen both sides of the story, and I do not know. However, I do know that there was fake information put out about that. One guy was saying that the school never even existed, a claim that was easily disproved.

This also happened with 911 research, nearly 20 year ago: people were researching the event, and someone (who I believe was Jewish) showed up and claimed that the planes flying into the buildings were a holographic projection.

Even to this day, every single “skeptic” who “debunks” the “conspiracy theories” about 911 points at these people who say the planes were a hologram.

In the mind of a normie, that then discredits anyone asking questions about 911.

We’ve seen this same phenomenon recently with everyone who talks about the coronavirus vaccine being accused of believing in a 5G nanobot mind control conspiracy.

So, you have to be careful, and consider every claim. Don’t just believe anything.

This meme:

Is actually not a real Aristotle quote.

However, it is nonetheless true.

So be reasonable, be open-minded, think things through, but don’t just believe anything.

But know this: things are getting weird.

Thankfully, I was born for this.

(That is a real HST quote.)