“The Crip-Sucker”: Fat Teacher Charged with Rape for Sucking Off Crippled Boys

Oh, boy.

We got another one.

This one’s a real doozy.

Toronto Sun:

A divorced New Jersey teacher allegedly treated her class of disabled students as her private harem.

According to the Essex County Daily Voice, three more students have filed lawsuits against disgraced teacher Nicole Dufault and the Orange-Maplewood School District.

Dufault pleaded guilty in January to three counts of aggravated criminal sexual contact on accusations she sexually assaulted six boys in 2013 and 2014.

Now, according to a new lawsuit:

— The mom of two’s twisted antics only came to light when a student shared a cellphone video of the teacher performing oral sex on one of the victims.

— One victim heard about a teacher who regularly had sex with students during clandestine lunches.

— Another boy was given expensive gifts like Nike running shoes and had his grades altered in exchange for sex.

— She showed boys in her class videos of her having sex with a janitor and asked them about the size of their penises, the lawsuit said.

According to the lawsuit, Dufault allegedly took the boy’s virginity and raped him more than 200 times. Most of the abuse took place in her classroom.

Once, she gave the boy $500 to perform oral sex on her, the lawsuit states.

I wouldn’t ever perform oral sex on any woman, let alone this woman. But $500 is a lot of money.

Boys don’t have a “virginity,” nor is this “rape.”

This story is gross and obviously some kind of abuse of power, I guess, but it is hardly a big deal. (Especially in this case where they’re cripples, it’s not like they’re going to get any anywhere else.)

And yet, every time this happens, the media throws the woman under the bus and acts like it’s a new Holocaust.

It’s pretty much the only time a woman gets thrown under the bus for anything related to sex.

You can look at the Harvey Weinstein women, or just look at the recent Girls Do Porn case, and see that the default position of the media is that a woman is more or less universally incapable of holding responsibility for her sexual decisions.

But every single time some skank in her thirties gets caught sucking off schoolboys, the bitch gets bussed.

This is one situation where I quite frankly do not have a theory on what is going on. I only just now thought of how strange it is that this is the only framework in which a woman is held responsible for sex, and how hardcore the media goes in attacking these women.

If I had to postulate a theory, I would say that the feminist system thinks a sex-crazed teacher having sex with students is “too easy” and thus devaluing sex. No high school boy who has had disgusting sex with his teacher is going to go around thinking that women are princesses.

This article was updated to reflect that the Crip-Sucker is not Canadian. This crip-sucking happened in New Jersey.