The Credentialist “Know-Nothings” Who Run Our Countries

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2018

It’s been awhile since I’ve heard or read something that genuinely made me sit up and be like, yeah, wow, that’s a stunning insight from one of /ourguys/.

This “Way of the World” guy though, he’s always got some fresh takes. I eagerly await his videos every week.

This time around, WOTW reads an open letter written by a shitlord professor about the state of his students and man, you’re really gonna want to strap in and watch this shit if you’re still in school or have gone through the whole college experience as a non-Stem guy.

Or of course, if your a read-fag, you could just read it. But you won’t get the full experience.

This professor… man, what he wrote really resonated with me, I must say.

See, I went to one of those top-tier schools back in my day. And all around me were these “know-nothings” like the professor in the video describes.

But I was lucky, before that, I went to a top-tier high school for big brain nibbas.

There I did read The Canterbury Tales. I did read Odyssey. I remember having to memorize the opening lines of both works…andra moi enepe musa or something. That’s ancient Greek for you, litfags will verify.

And like this professor says, if it weren’t for an eccentric professor in high school who went out of his way to teach history, I would have learned absolutely nothing of value. To this day, I still remember how he tried to make me read Paradise Lostbut I was busy studying for the APs and I totally skipped it. I know it is supposed to be some cool Bible fanfic though and I’ll circle back to it someday… well probably not, I don’t have the attention-span anymore tbqh. Oh, yea and the professor even let us read Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger, which I also under-appreciated at the time.

So I got it a bit better than most students.

Still, the gaps in my knowledge and my complete blase indifference to this stuff were just like that professor described in his letter. I was a know-nothing and I wanted to know nothing, because I correctly perceived that this would be an impediment to me clawing ahead of my peers.

See, I wasn’t studying to learn. I hated school. I hated where I lived. I wanted to just get this shit over with, get into a good college and get pulled up into some comfortable consulting gig where I would presumably just fuck around at work then fuck prostitutes in my cheap bachelor pad and drink myself silly on weekends. Better yet, I wanted to get the fuck out. Italy maybe. Somewhere where people didn’t even know what the word “résumé” meant.

More than anything, I didn’t want to learn about the culture that I lived in because that was pointless.

You can’t make money knowing that shit and it’s a waste of time and energy.

In fact, the more cultural/history shit that you learn, the more divorced you get from your peers/get disillusioned about studying for your APs, your SAT, your SAT subject tests, applying for that bs unpaid internship… your life, basically. If you ever actually sit down and read Paradise Lost, that’s it man, you’re fucked. Just hang it up and climb into a cave and die. You ain’t never going to Coachella after that shit. Forget being a normie. It will take years of bong riffs and jungle-juice binge drinking to recalibrate your brain and be able to participate in a group text.

So yeah, I get what this professor is getting at, I really, really do.

He even makes a solid point about the “eccentrics” who might accidentally let slip a bit of knowledge about history to their unappreciative students and their helicopter parents.

In college, I had this one Catholic nutcase professor who wouldn’t abort his Downs child because of some kooky every life is sacred bullshit, BUT he did an amazing job defending Christian Theology otherwise and making us read the works of great early Christian monks like Aquinas and Augustine – although I didn’t finish City of God – because again, what was the point? – and that really redeemed a lot of the “Dark Ages” and the medieval period in my eyes.

Shortly after, I had another super eccentric professor who basically NRx-posted at me for a semester about how Democracy and the “freedom-loving soul as defined in Plato’s Republic” were not good things, but a sign of degradation from the more based “honor-loving soul.” Philosophyfags will confirm.

That professor rocked me to my core. He basically called me out. Just like the letter-writing professor above. He called me a “know-nothing” and he said that the only thing I valued was “freedom” and “comfort” and that I had been taught to fear attachment, knowledge and responsibility.

With great shame, I had to admit that he was right.

Before I even knew what the term was, I realized that I was basically a bugman. I only cared about my GPA, my test scores, keeping up appearances and begging for pussy scraps at tame college parties in between swigs of cheap-ass vodka mixed with kool-aid in plastic red cups. And just like the good professor says, the entire education system does indeed reward that kind of bugman behavior.

At a certain point, it was literally everything that I knew – this ceaseless striving and clawing to get ahead – and it defined me as a person.

All of this is to say, that the video hit a nerve with me. This whole long effort-post of mine can basically be summed up by saying: “can confirm” and “bravo.”

Looking back, though, sure the eccentric professors helped, but more than anything else, the internet stepped up to the plate when no one else did.

And while I’ll save this for another post, I also want to point out how hard it is to red-pill people like me, and my peers.

See, the reason that I resisted the red-pill initially was because I knew that it would be disadvantageous for me to know this stuff. Learning about race, White Genocide, and the kikes damages your ability to function in credentialed multi-culti bugman circles. This is the reason that so few credentialed types are interested in what we have to say. They know we have a point, because they’re smart enough to logically puzzle it all out, but they’re afraid of the consequences both professional and mental that taking the red-pill entails. It would create serious cognitive dissonance and fuck with their ability to do their jobs, socialize with their indoctrinated peers.

Also, they think that they’ve got a golden ticket for the ark. They’re not going to get hit by the shitstorm that’s brewing if they do whatever they can to strive and get ahead now while the getting is still good.

All of this is to say that the sheer amount of damage that the modern education system does cannot be understated. And I’m not even talking about the nigger-worship and Jewish cultural indoctrination here. That stuff is intense and also very real, but even if it weren’t there, the school system is geared towards taking slightly smarter than average kids and turning them into bugman apparatchiks unable to relate to anyone outside their narrow circle of strivers, their wider culture, and completely dependent on external authority figures to validate their existence with little badges in the form of degrees, awards, resume-padding, etc.

And all of it really boils down to a mad scramble to secure the few cushy jobs left in the green zones of diversity-blighted cities that pay you enough to be able to afford living in the white-ish part of town.

We’re all on the Titanic, and don’t think for a second that the strivers don’t know that.

What’s happening now is just a mad scramble for the lifeboats.