The Crackdown on Roosh is a Crackdown on Us All

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2016


I know a lot of the readers don’t like Roosh V, given that he is non-White. Regardless, I believe his website, Return of Kings, is very good.

Whatever the case, the crackdown that he has experienced is relevant to all of us. This is the new standard – shut it all down.

The Citadel Foundations blog explains the situation:

How can anyone deny that free speech on the internet is now the #1 target for the established powers. They are afraid of us, so deathly afraid that they cannot tolerate to allow the spread of hate facts any longer.

But things took an even more disturbing turn this week. Roosh V., notorious manospheran and head of the NeoMasculinity movement, operator of the immensely popular Return of Kings website had arranged an international day of meetups across the globe for men who take a realistic attitude to biodiversity between males and females, explained in detail here by Davis Aurini. Small get-togethers were to occur in the United States, the UK, Australia, Poland, and beyond on February 6th in order for like-minded men to network and enjoy a casual discussion. Friend of this blog, Simon Wolfe was going to be in attendance.

So what happened? Well, Australia seemed ready to deploy its entire navy to stop Roosh entering the country. A petition in the United States garnered signatures to somehow have an American citizen barred from entry, and death threats poured in from Scottish ANTIFA and feminist activists. Members of parliament also requested the British foreign office ban Roosh from entering the country. Unlike the previously attempted ban on Donald Trump, it didn’t feature demands that he not be allowed within “1000 miles of British shores”, because they presumably realized this would imply Theresa May had the power to prevent Roosh from entering Portugal and Sweden as well. Mobs were being put together (with government assistance) to terrorize the meetups in Germany. Anonymous encouraged vigilante attacks on Roosh’s relatives by doxxing their address. And this was just a taster of what happened. Every force, whether it was governmental or the actions of extra-governmental thugs, was marshaled to stop innocuous meetings of probably about ten men in each location, such was the threat.Unable to guarantee the safety of any of the attendees, Roosh canceled the event.

This wasn’t about freedom of speech. This was about freedom of assembly, and not a big assembly either. Roosh V. had not planned some kind of rally or a march through the feminist department of UC Santa Cruz. These were tiny, insignificant congregations of average guys red-pilled on the issue of sex relations and the importance of patriarchy. I have never seen a truly global collection of left wing loyalists dedicate themselves so tirelessly to destroy something of this nature. So in light of this, the Alt-Right apparently cannot convene at all. If it applies to something like this, then it most definitely applies for all ‘heretical’ groups that the Modernists wish to shut down.

The crackdown is here, folks.

It isn’t just antifa and the government – the mainstream media was also involved in the lynch-mob.

The Daily Mail went to his mom’s house, where he was staying, after he called the police. They published pictures, apparently trying to incite violence against him and his family.

The media, the government, these antifa groups – they are all part of the same establishment structure intent on trying to shut everything down.


We all need to steel ourselves, and be prepared to meet resistance with everything we try to do. These people are not going to stop.

The good news is that the tides are turning. We have all of the energy, all the momentum. The more they push against us, the stronger we get.

The government’s ability to attack and arrest us simply for meeting up is very limited. That is why they have these antifa communist groups, which they allow to organize for the specific purpose of using violence against anyone who disagrees with the establishment. If I had been in Roosh’s position, I would not have canceled the meet-ups based on threats. Instead, I would have told people to be prepared to defend themselves.

We all need to be prepared for that, always. This is one reason why I have consistently encouraged people to lift weights and get involved in fighting sports.