Donald Trump Tells Hannity He Lost the Election! Enough is Enough!

The coward Donald Trump has “admitted” on Sean Hannity that he “lost” the election.

He said: “Shockingly, we were supposed to win easily at 64 million votes, and we got 75 million votes, and we didn’t win. But let’s see what happens on that.”

Here’s the full clip for context – just in case anyone wants to try to claim that he somehow didn’t mean what he said.

This is different than anything he has ever said before. Someone is apparently telling him to “admit” defeat, and to retract his own very true statements about mass fraud.

This is sickening and it is pathetic. It has been sickening and pathetic since January 7, when he began the apology tour for January 6. It has just gotten worse and worse and worse, and now this.

He needs to resign and go away. We do not need anything he has. He did a great and wonderful thing in 2016, and we all respect and love him for that, but this is over and we simply do not need anymore of this cowardly bullshit and traitorous back-stabbing.

With every day he is out there doing this bizarro schtick, he is further corrupting the memory of the good Trump.

I gave up mostly everything I had in life to support Donald Trump, and even when he refused to do anything to help me and the others that were banned, I continued to support him. I continued to support no matter what retarded thing he did in the White House. But what he’s done after the fact, stabbing everyone in the back like this, refusing to say Ashli Babbitt’s name, calling his most diehard supporters “violent terrorists,” shilling the vaccine, promoting all of these horrible candidates and policies, supporting the Jews, attempting to sink Bitcoin and now – and now – falsely claiming that he lost the 2020 election – this is too much.

It’s too far.

He has to go.

I’m almost at the point where I think people should start going to his rallies with posters of Ashli Babbitt and booing. (I’m not actually at that point yet, as I’m still holding onto hope he can make some kind of graceful exit.)

He obviously doesn’t care about anything other than being the center of attention right now, or else he would care about preserving his legacy. One of the greatest aspects of his legacy was the sheer numbers by which he won the 2020 election.

But he’s gone and countered that.

It’s so, so sad.

Now, the history books will say:

“After the states fraudulently passed emergency mail-in voting laws, an election that Trump won by ten million votes was overturned by massive ballot fraud. The Jewish media campaign of disinformation following the fake election was so effective that Trump himself became confused, believing that the senile mess Joe Biden had really won with 81 million votes. It is again assumed that Jared Kushner advised Trump on this matter. However, Kushner’s notes from this period were lost, believed to have gone up in the fire he started at his home for insurance money before he and his wife commandeered his father-in-law’s private jet and fled to Tel Aviv in 2026. A hidden clause in the multiple insurance contracts Kushner held stipulated that if the insured fled to Israel in fear of anti-Semitism, the insurance company was not permitted to investigate fraud before paying out. From his beachfront property in Tel Aviv, Kushner collected $12 trillion in insurance payments.

“Trump was left destitute after hedging all of his wealth on the dollar when it finally collapsed as a result of ‘The Great Kushner Insurance Swindle.’ His son Barron claimed that before starting the fire, Kushner told Trump that US treasury bonds were ‘going to be really hot.’ Trump was forced to live in MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s partially-finished basement, recording birthday greetings on the website ‘Cameo’ while attempting to rebuild his social media presence. After Trump was pardoned by President Fuentes on charges of ‘conspiring with the Jews to destroy everything,’ acclaimed journalist, philosopher, film director, and Bitcoin proponent Andrew Anglin, who was then President of Harvard University, sent the failed president two rolls of scratch-off lottery tickets with a note that read ‘My Dear President: I hope these bring you more fortune than you brought me.’ Winning 0.02 BTC on the scratch-offs, Trump invested in Elon Musk’s Mars Base Spectacularum project. Trump was one of the many scammed when Musk attempted to flee to Mars with his gay dog and the private keys of his investors, only for his spaceship to explode in low earth orbit, destroying the keys of the 12 BTC he’d stolen. Alex Jones was issued the Presidential Medal of Freedom for having predicted that Musk would flee with his gay dog.

“Before the end of his life, Trump found redemption doing a speaking tour apologizing for apologizing for the Capitol Storm, giving speeches in front of a large portrait of Ashli Babbitt. His renegade credo of ‘always apologize for apologies’ inspired Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘WOODEN DOORS???’ Tour, where she apologized for apologizing for the Holocaust, which the US Supreme Court had ruled was ‘the second stupidest Jew hoax ever, bested only by the coronavirus hoax itself.’

“Trump later died of complications from taking too many vaccines. Kushner is believed to have died in the Iranian Nuclear bombardment of Tel Aviv, though rumors persist that he escaped in his private submarine. Barron Trump started a yacht customization company in Miami Beach, before becoming the first non-Cuban mayor of Miami. Miami became the richest and most futuristic city on earth during the Younger Trump’s reign. Barron rarely spoke of his father, but commissioned a large statue of him based on the ‘God Emperor Trump’ meme near the center of Miami entitled ‘2016 Forever.’ The installation was controversial, but it still stands today, and on any given Sunday, you are likely to find an elderly millennial laying flowers and choking back tears as they salute the statue. President Fuentes would later visit the statue to sign a bill replacing Juneteenth with ‘2016 Day.’ At the ceremony, the President unveiled long-lost archive footage of Trump making racist jokes on the set of The Apprentice, which included 7 different n-bombs and significantly raised public opinion of the Late Trump. 2016 Day remains a federal holiday, known for celebrations in which children put on rubber Donald Trump masks and beat a papier-mâché effigy of Jared Kushner with bats. Lindell became the richest man on earth when MyPillow expanded into American-made consumer electronics following the Neo-Luddite Chinese-American Agreement on the Decommissioning of Worker Robots (not to be confused with the Chinese-American Agreement on the Decommissioning of Killer Robots, which the Chinese were found to be in breach of when they recommissioned the Huawei Assassination Bot to hunt remaining feminists and Moslems within their borders; they were issued a 5 BTC fine by the International Robot Regulation Committee). Alex Jones went on to replace Sean Hannity in the 9:00 PM spot on Fox News after Hannity was sentenced to life in prison on wide-ranging charges related to conspiring with the Jews. Jones maintained the highest primetime news ratings ever, but still lost the news show ratings race to Late Night with Ethan Ralph. Every second Tuesday of the month, Ralph would do an interview segment with Hannity broadcasting from supermax prison, where Hannity would repeatedly predict that Israel would rise again and send an army of robots to slaughter all White Americans who refused to submit to Jewish rule. President Fuentes himself would regularly make surprise appearances for the Hannity segment, during which he spawned the popular “So now, let me get this straight…” meme, which featured the President with his brow furrowed and his jaw open, questioning the prophecies of Hannity. Hannity became known for breaking down into a rage and rattling his steel-framed bed while the audience laughed. The segment also spawned a meme of the Ayatollah laughing to the point of tears during an appearance on the Ralph show. After a successful campaign of political lobbying on issues ranging from banning Jews and women’s rights to mandating prayer in schools and the installation of a plaque featuring the Ten Commandments on every federal building, Anglin went on to singlehandedly write and direct the first three seasons of Stargate: Eternity, which won many awards. In later life, he wrote and directed the 6-hour feature film Stargate: Apocalypse, which was panned by critics upon release, but later became a cult classic and is now widely believed to be the greatest film ever made. Mars was eventually colonized by early Bitcoin hodler nation El Salvador, which issued an immediate planet-wide decree banning dog homosexuality, posthumously crushing the diabolical vision of internet supervillain Elon Musk. Regrettably, the first Mars Colony had to be nuked after it was taken over by the Mars-13 space murder gang. Greene went on to run a successful supplements company before being bankrupt by a class action lawsuit brought by the family members of people who had died of brain aneurisms and heart complications caused by continuous erections after consuming her ‘Ultra-Triple-Sonic American Freedom Juice’ pre-workout formula. Greene maintained that those who had died dry-swallowed the powder, which was against the directions on the tub. However, she was banned from working in the supplements industry for life. Greene later claimed that the treatment she received was ‘like the way the Jewish media treated the Nazis,’ a comment that was widely viewed as disrespectful to the Nazis, and resulted in the Ambassador of the Greater German Reich releasing a statement denouncing her. She went on to give an apology for those remarks after visiting the Adolf Hitler Remembrance Museum and Holohoax Truth Center in Washington, DC.”