The Covers of the Media This Morning

We probably need a record of what the media are blasting across the headlines this morning, following the rushing of the Capitol on Wednesday.

New York Times:

Washington Post:

This is an incredible point in history that we’ve all witnessed.

It’s not clear what good things it may bode, but the negatives are very clear – the negatives are what are being blasted across the media: supporters of the Real President, Donald Trump, are now being labeled “insurrectionists.” This is going to give the incoming Joe Biden administration powers similar to those that George W. Bush had following 911 to crack down on Americans who do not believe he is the legitimate president.

Presumably, it all had to happen this way, so there is no reason to get upset about it. Nothing could have been done to stop that mob, other than have more cops guarding the Capitol, which obviously, the rulers didn’t want.