The Coronavirus Vaccine: It’s Safe AND Effective

This is a pretty good video that shows a series of news articles counting down vax efficacy from 100% to something around 50% at this point.

It’s really and truly incredible just how much of a failure and a flop this vaccine has been.

There was no disease to begin with, and the vax, in dealing with spike proteins, was affecting the antibodies for the common cold. Meanwhile, the disease that was actually killing people and being labeled “coronavirus” was the flu. Most cases of the flu are not from coronaviruses, and thus have nothing to do with spike proteins.

So the whole project was insane to begin with.

But they were incapable of holding it together and making it make any sense.

Yet even after all of this failure, they’re still out there trying to force people to take this vaccine that they themselves admit doesn’t really even work.

This is the effect of censorship. This is what I said from the beginning when the censorship began in 2017 – “if they’re allowed to do this, reality itself will collapse, as they will be able to determine arbitrarily what is and is not reality.”