The Coronavirus “Pandemic” is a Proven Hoax, America’s Economy Must be Fully Reopened

The people know the coronavirus “pandemic” is a hoax. The American economy must be fully reopened now!

The people who are still pushing this lie about the coronavirus being a major health crisis are either complete fools or they are purposefully advancing a horribly nefarious agenda. Because at this point, we have ample data and information proving conclusively that this supposed pandemic is an enormous hoax.

The original reason provided for instituting all of these draconian, government-sanctioned lockdowns stemmed from fears that the medical system would not be able to adequately handle a potential flood of coronavirus patients. This has not even come close to manifesting itself.

Take in point all of the emergency measures that were implemented for New York City. Even though New York City was widely considered to have the largest concentration of coronavirus-related problems, none of the emergency measures proved necessary.

The USNS Comfort, the big navy hospital ship Donald Trump ordered to New York City, only treated a small number of patients and recently discharged its last patient.

ABC News:

It arrived at the U.S. epicenter of the novel coronavirus greeted with the fanfare reserved for the cavalry coming to the rescue and after treating 182 people the USNS Comfort discharged its last patient in New York City on Sunday as it prepares to set sail on its next life-saving mission.

The sole remaining patient aboard the hulking 894-foot-long floating military hospital left the ship on Sunday, a spokesperson for Northwell Hospital, which is assisting in clinical operations in New York, told ABC News. It was not immediately clear if the patient will be transferred to another hospital or discharged from treatment altogether.

The field hospital setup at the Javits Center, like the USNS Comfort, received very few patients and is currently in the process of being dismantled.


The federal government is moving forward with plans to shutter the little-used field hospital inside the Javits Center, as the rate of COVID-19 hospitalizations in New York continues to decline. The USNS Comfort, also practically empty, is expected to soon depart as well, President Donald Trump announced earlier this week.

“We are encouraged by the data which suggest the curve is flattening in New York and we are working with the city and state to begin the strategic drawdown of resources,” a spokesperson for the Federal Emergency Management Agency told Gothamist on Friday.

The spokesperson said there was no set date for either closure. But according to a FEMA official who spoke with ABC News, the Navy ship will leave New York as soon as April 30th. The Javits Center is slated to close on April 30th, according to the unnamed official.

You may also recall New York Governor Andrew “Nipples” Cuomo hysterically claiming that he needed 30,000 ventilators and said that 26,000 people were going to die if he didn’t get them.

Well, as it turns out, he didn’t need anywhere near close to 30,000 ventilators. In fact, this past week, Cuomo turned over 400 of his ventilators to Massachusetts.

Perhaps the worst part about this whole situation is that Cuomo’s lunatic lockdown order appears to have only served to further spread infection. According to official statistics, the coronavirus infection rate in New York has per-capita been roughly four times higher than the infection rate in Sweden which did not order any sort of weird lockdown on their population. This has shown that lockdowns like the one instituted by Cuomo have been totally counterproductive at curbing infections and have actually exacerbated the spread of infection.

We also have empty hospitals all around the country. Numerous people suspicious of the virus hysteria promoted by the media filmed their local hospitals and documented how nothing was happening at them. Quite an odd sight in the midst of a supposedly major health crisis.

Jewish YouTube has even been deleting videos of people who have filmed these empty hospitals because they apparently don’t want people knowing that this whole thing is a big hoax.

It’s the same way in the United Kingdom. Empty hospitals everywhere.

Medical workers are being laid off or furloughed in the thousands despite us being in the middle of this alleged doomsday pandemic. There’s endless local news reports documenting this phenomenon. This would not be happening if we were in the middle of a real pandemic. These people would be working very long hours treating patients. They certainly would not be out of work.

Some of the nurses and medical workers who haven’t been laid off don’t seem to be that busy either. They have somehow found the time to record all sorts of stupid choreographed dance routines in the middle of this so-called apocalyptic virus outbreak. There’s an infinite number of these nausea-inducing videos from nurses in the United States, the United Kingdom and elsewhere being uploaded to social media. It’s become a literal troll of the public at this point.

Some nurses have even found the time to stage all sorts of weird protests against workers who simply want the economy reopened so they can go back to work.

If we assume that all of these nurses involved in these bizarre protests are real nurses and not anti-fascists or leftists posing as nurses, it is certainly weird that they would have the time to do such things. Especially since we are supposed to be in the middle of the worst pandemic ever in the history of the world. In such a situation, one would assume that they would be at a hospital helping treat the mass deluge of patients coming in. But instead, they have the time and energy to get in the face of people who have had their livelihoods destroyed by tyrannical government edicts.

We also have the statistical manipulation of coronavirus death numbers which in the United States have been purposefully inflated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued guidance to hospitals allowing them to denote deaths as coronavirus-related without any sort of testing. They also recently broadened the number of coronavirus symptoms so that almost any type of death could potentially be denoted as coronavirus-related. This means deaths that weren’t actually due to the coronavirus are being misreported as coronavirus-related deaths.

And even when you consider these artificially inflated death numbers, the death rate has shown to be in line with what you’d expect to see during a normal flu season.

Based on all of this data and evidence, how can anybody say that there is a real pandemic? You’d have to be a fool to think that it was worth locking everyone in their homes and destroying the economy over this stupid hoax. The lockdowns should be lifted immediately and the economy should be reopened. There is no logical reason to continue these lockdowns since there is no threat of the medical system being overwhelmed. In fact, if the lockdowns continue, we risk great damage to our medical system as many hospitals could become fiscally insolvent due to lack of patients and be forced to close.

Unfortunately, there are people who are insisting that these hysterical lockdowns continue well into the future. Yes, some of these people are just stupid and are going along with whatever the media says, but not all of them are dumb. Some of these people want to extend the lockdowns as long as possible for malicious purposes. They want to destroy and bankrupt what’s left of America’s middle class so they can implement a variety of disturbing satanic and dystopic control systems.

We must resist this tyranny and demand a full reopening of the economy. There is no other option.