The Coronavirus Hysteria is Now Mundane Terrorism

Reading these virus articles has become utterly surreal.

Everyone knows it is fake at this point, and they’re just going to keep talking about it like it is the end of the world. It has become a grotesque collective suicide ritual.

Everyone knows that the reason there are more cases is that they are testing compulsively. Everyone also presumably knows that these tests are a scam.

The New York Times has reported that over 90% of the positive PCR tests are questionable.

But most of all: everyone knows that Sweden exists. Everyone knows that their solution to the virus was to do nothing, and that they no longer have any kind of alleged problem. We all know that.


While the Asia-Pacific region treads water until a coronavirus vaccine is found, the West’s biggest economies are drowning as a second wave firmly establishes itself in Europe.

Europe is now reporting more daily infections than the United States, Brazil, or India — the countries that have been driving the global case count for months — as public apathy grows towards coronavirus guidelines. Several countries are seeing infection rates spiral again after a summer lull that saw measures to contain the virus and travel restrictions relaxed.

In the United Kingdom, for example, questions are being asked about whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to lift the country’s lockdown in June was premature. Northern England’s current high rates of Covid-19 are down to the fact that infections “never dropped as far in the summer as they did in the south,” Jonathan Van-Tam, Britain’s deputy chief medical officer, told a press conference on Monday.

It is just the latest problem to beset Britain’s slapdash pandemic response. There are now more patients in hospital with Covid-19 in England than there were in March, when a nationwide lockdown was imposed, according to Johnson and health officials.

France and the Netherlands broke their own records over the weekend, reporting the highest numbers of confirmed Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic.

In the United States, there were more new positive cases in the White House on October 2 than in the whole of Taiwan, after President Donald Trump became the second G7 leader (after Johnson) to test positive for Covid-19. Despite his illness, Trump has continued to downplay the severity of the virus and potentially endanger the health of those around him, holding a campaign rally on Monday.

The reason that Trump “downplayed it” after his “illness” is that he knew after being infected that it was what everyone who doesn’t work for Bill Gates, the Democrat Party or the Jewish media is saying it is: a mild flu virus – at worst.

It’s a lie that the Asia-Pacific region is “treading water until there is a vaccine.”

Some countries in that region are still locked down, but they are doing so under some kind of orders from the Western intelligence agencies.

China is not locked down. China stopped testing and the virus disappeared. China has been doing society normally for six months.

In fact, China is going beyond doing society normally, and having parties of a large kind that they never had before, for the sake of photo-ops.

There is no way to support the hysteria anymore. So, the media is no longer attempting to present reasoning for the hysteria.

They are just taking it for granted that we must be hysterical.

More and more people realize it is a scam, but few care to stand up against it, because there is no social contract anymore and people don’t care about defending the order of society.