The Coronavirus Hoax Gives Us an Opportunity to Rally the People Around Nationalism

Let us out!

The coronavirus hoax is the biggest crime that has ever been committed. It is going to completely destroy the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

However, we need to look at every crisis as an opportunity.

I do now believe that this hoax was done on purpose. I do not think that the high level government and media people who made this decision did so because they themselves were afraid of the flu. This was a planned action in order to strip everyone of their rights, make them poor and allow for the implementation of a satanic type New World Order.

However, these people are not especially competent. Mike Pompeo is the man who couldn’t pull off a proper false flag attack on Iran and ended up doing a bizarre thing that the Japanese called out as a hoax.

Restructuring an entire society by collapsing the entire economy and implementing a police state is a whole lot more complicated than shooting a boat with a torpedo.

It is clear that the people who run this show were nervous, feeling that things needed to be done quickly.

They have acted irresponsibly.

They have created something that is going to be very easy to rally people around. I don’t think that the total police state they’ve implemented will be capable of containing the masses.

The Jew media is already flipping out that normal people are calling this a conspiracy.

The Washington Post has a big piece up on the protesters in Wisconsin, who in the face of the brutal tyranny of a Democrat governor, are doing some very serious wrongthink:

Like other protests here and in other states in recent days, attendees defied the advice of health-care professionals, who have urged social distancing. They stood shoulder to shoulder, many without masks or face coverings that officials say could prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

“Masks are ridiculous,” said a 57-year-old man in the crowd, who declined to give his name because he said he didn’t trust the media. “This is just some attempt by government bureaucrats to scare people about something that is just the flu so that they can take away our freedoms.”

State and local officials here insist that the numbers would be worse if not for strict stay-at-home orders, and have warned in recent days that if residents don’t remain diligent about social distancing, cases could spike.

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“We are at a fragile point,” said Ben Weston, director of the office of emergency management in Milwaukee County, where the bulk of the state’s cases have been reported. “Taking the right steps moving forward is going to be critical. Moving too fast will result in the positive trends we see.”

But as in other parts of the country, there are increasing tensions between the urge to keep people safe and the growing desperation to get people back to work and the economy moving again, amid fears of a downturn that some have predicted to be as bad as the Great Depression.

It’s not “some” predicting that. There is no one anywhere that doesn’t think this is going to be as bad as the Great Depression. The only debate is about how much worse than the Great Depression it will be. There is also debate about whether we will be able to feed ourselves, or if we’ll end up with food shortages and starvation.

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Thus far, I have not seen a single person with any knowledge (or even a person with unearned authority) say “maybe it won’t be as bad as the Great Depression?”

Everyone agrees that it will be as bad as the Great Depression.

Seriously, the government should just hand out those Tom Joad hats.

I know I’d feel a lot more confident going into this if I had one of those Tom Joad hats.

In Wisconsin, a small state that has become ground zero for the kind of uber-partisan warfare that has paralyzed Washington and other parts of the country, there is a growing divide between the Republican-led state legislature and [Democrat Governor Tony] Evers, a former educator and state superintendent of public instruction who was elected in 2018 after defeating then-Gov. Scott Walker (R).

Last week, the state’s top-ranking Republicans, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, filed a lawsuit challenging Evers for extending the state’s stay-at-home order that was due to expire April 24 to until after Memorial Day weekend, arguing that it will devastate the economy and leave Wisconsin “in shambles.”

They have accused Evers of “unprecedented administrative overreach” and of not allowing other elected leaders in the state to play a role in determining how and when Wisconsin reopens.

“There’s no Republican that I know that isn’t taking the virus seriously,” Vos said in a virtual town hall with Milwaukee’s WTMJ-TV. “There’s no Republican that I know that thinks we should just go back to normal tomorrow. We need to have a gradual rollout.”

Vos suggested that Wisconsin could slowly open by region but argued that the lawsuit was aimed at getting a “seat at the table.”

Again, we see that the Democrat Party is the party of the very rich and the very poor.

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The rich want the economy locked down so they can signal against Donald Trump, signal their moral superiority over the working people. And the poor don’t care if the country is locked down, because they don’t work and they’re too stupid to have any conception of what the consequences of this are going to be.

Governor Evers, the villain of this story.

The Governor claimed that this was about power, which is true, but somehow made the assertion that it is not the Democrats, who are locking people in their houses, arresting people for leaving their houses, forcing people to stand six feet apart, closing small businesses and forcing them to go bankrupt that are after power – it’s the people who are against that.

The crazy sonovabitch also said that the virus is what’s going to be hard to recover from. This guy is like the perfect villain.

But Evers has accused GOP leaders of attempting a political coup at the expense of public health. “Let’s just get real here, this is about power,” Evers said in a call with reporters Tuesday. “And if they win, they get it and it’s going to take a long time for our state to recover.”

The state’s conservative-led Supreme Court has taken up the case and given the Evers administration until next Tuesday to file a response.

In the meantime, elected Republicans around the state have tiptoed around growing protests, including the one held Friday in Madison and another last weekend in the suburbs of Milwaukee, where more than 1,000 people turned out to wave signs outside a shuttered shopping center demanding that stores be reopened. GOP leaders have not attended the protests, but they have not publicly discouraged them either, even as health officials have warned about the safety of large gatherings.

Yes, the media is demanding that elected officials violate the will of the people by forcing some flu gibberish down their throats.

The whole “democracy” hoax is getting progressively strained.

In Madison, organizers were denied a permit by Capitol Police, who cited public health concerns. But law enforcement did not make any arrests or attempts to curtail the crowd, beyond blocking a truckload of port-a-potties that had been rented for the event. “If you want to go to the bathroom, and you can’t, you know why,” a speaker yelled through a megaphone, as the crowd loudly booed.

While organizers of both protests have argued that the rallies have been organized by average people, not outside movement groups, and were not political in nature, both have looked and sounded like rallies for President Trump. On Friday, hundreds of those who gathered on the lawn at the state capitol wore Trump shirts or hats. Some waved or draped themselves in Trump flags, while dozens of cars circled downtown Madison with windows painted with messages including “Trump 2020.”

Once again, this is because Donald Trump, flawed though he is, remains the champion of normal working Americans. There is no mystery there. The WaPo acting like this is supposed to “not be political,” when they’ve made absolutely everything political, is not representative of seriousness.

These protests are the best thing ever.

And in point of fact, I do not see any Trump gear. What I see is a bunch of salt of the earth White Americans from the Midwest- my people – holding up American flags and demanding their freedoms.

But this is the best part of all: their narrative is already on point.

That is why the Jewish media is flipping out and condemning them as evil, why COINTELPRO fake right-wingers are deriding them as “white dumbasses.”

Make no mistake, what is happening right now is a plot to undermine Donald J. Trump and keep him from winning the election and saving our country,” a man shouted from the Capitol steps before Friday’s protest, which elicited cheers.

Nearby, a woman waved a sign that read, “Evil Cabal: Bill Gates, CDC, WHO, Fauci, Scarf Lady.” Others waved signs criticizing Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. But most signs criticized Evers, some comparing him to a dictator. Attendees were asked to sign petitions calling for a recall election, while some waved professionally printed signs that read “Recall Evers.”

From the Capitol steps, a litany of speakers, many of them identified by first name only or not at all, spoke from a microphone attached to several large speakers that sent remarks loudly echoing across the square.

While some belittled the virus as not as threatening as public officials have claimed or poked at people who had turned out in masks, many questioned issues like how the government had deemed which businesses were essential or not, including why it was okay to buy products like shoes or flowers at Walmart but it was not okay to shop at small local businesses.

It’s a very good question that you’re not ever going to get an answer to.

Because the answer is, the purpose of this lockdown is to crush the middle class. It is not a real quarantine. A real quarantine would not involve Walmart. If you were actually going to quarantine the entire country, you would only allow people to have food delivered by people in full hazmat – which they could have done. As far as they pushed this, pushing it a little bit further would have been nothing.

The speakers also included two medical professionals who questioned the severity of coronavirus in Wisconsin versus the state’s reaction, including a woman who identified herself as a nurse at a local emergency room who said she and others were at risk of being furloughed because beds have been empty.

Timothy Allen, a family physician from Cudahy, a suburb of Milwaukee, warned of the threat of people being stuck inside and unable to work. In recent weeks, he had been treating more patients for depression and openly worried about an increase in suicides should the economy continue to be disrupted.

“Staying indoors and worrying about the epidemic is more dangerous than going outside,” Allen said. “According to the evidence, you’re more likely to die by staying at home. You need to look at all lives, not just covid lives.”

My people.

I feel very proud and inspired that they are so on top of this, without having any leadership. There is basically no one at all, other than yours truly, telling these truths like this. Even Breitbart is playing up that the virus is super-deadly, because they’re pushing for a war with the Chinese and that’s only justified if the virus is as bad as the mainstream media says.

And just so you understand, let me tell you: people are not mad at the Chinese, despite the conservative media and Trump himself trying to force-meme that. The people are mad at the US government for implementing this lockdown based on a total hoax. The people are right.

Anyone talking about China is wasting time and energy that could be used against the government and the Jew media.

Anything at all that stems from the idea that this virus is something other than the flu is a useless narrative.

Grassroots Wisconsinites are even calling out the healthcare worker scum…!

On the road leading to the Capitol building, someone had placed several homemade signs, including one that read: “Be kind. Stay at home.” On the eve of the rally, health-care workers had placed thousands of candles to represent Wisconsin residents who had been infected by the disease. They wrote messages in paint, including the words “REOPEN KILLS.” But by Friday, one of those messages had partially scrubbed away to simply read, “REOPEN.”

We are being pitted against each other right now. It’s bringing out hate in people. We’re getting ridiculed if you ask questions or disagree with what’s happening right now. You’re being told to sit down and shut up because your opinion does not matter, and you have to listen to the professionals,” Madison Elmer, one of the event’s organizers, told the crowd. “You know what, you shouldn’t ever stop questioning the professionals. They don’t live your life.”


Just so you understand, 266 people have allegedly died of this virus in Wisconsin, according to official data.

We can compare that to the 2017-18 flu season, when 379 people died of that disease.

The people have put this all together themselves.

And we need to be there with them.

This is only going to get worse and worse, and these people are going to be open to hearing about the way America was undermined and destroyed.

They already know this is a scam, they’re going to live the results of the scam.

It is only fitting that when the satanic globalist agenda rises, America will rise to meet it.