The Coronavirus Hoax Marches On – If Usurper Joe Biden Takes Over, It’s Going Into Hyperdrive

Despite their completely insane measures, which include shutting down everything and telling people to put their mask on between bites while sitting at the dinner table, California has reached 1,000,000 cases of the coronavirus.

Apparently, these crazy measures don’t really do very much.

It’s almost like everyone is going to get this disease, and we simply have to accept it and move on with our lives.


California just became the second state to surpass 1 million Covid-19 infections since the start of the pandemic — closely following Texas, which hit the grim milestone earlier this week.

More than 5,000 new cases and 18 new deaths have been reported so far on Thursday, for a total of 1,000,631 confirmed cases and 18,126 deaths statewide, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

And health officials report that, like most other states in the country, California’s Covid-19 numbers are all trending in the wrong direction.

At a November 9 news conference, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the state recorded more than 7,200 new cases in a day and had a 7-day average of about 5,889 infections.

“That number was familiar four to six weeks ago, but since the early part of October where we were able to get those numbers down below 3,000, we haven’t seen an average of 7-days above 5,800 in quite some time,” Newsom said.

A day later, California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly announced the state’s 7-day average was up to 6,078.

Those high numbers come as a new forecast from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Policy Lab projects major cities in California will have “significant case growth into mid-December.”

Of course, the response will not be to say, “okay, well, we can’t control this – one out of every forty people has already gotten the virus and that doesn’t include all the millions we never tested, we’re just going to have to quarantine the vulnerable and then go for herd immunity.”

No, no, dear reader – the response is going to be even more insane measures.

In New York City, we have tests from six months ago showing that 30% of the population had come in contact with the virus and built immunities to it. That didn’t matter.

Because none of this is about public health. The coronavirus, like global warming, is a 100% fake crisis. I frankly don’t know if I believe even one person has died of this virus. According to the CDC itself, only 6% of the deaths that were attributed to the coronavirus were actually from the coronavirus. The other 94% were from other causes, and the deaths were simply marked down as coronavirus because either the person tested positive for the virus while dying from some other cause, or they just decided that maybe the person had it without a test.

Here’s the Tweet that Real President retweeted:

That tweet was deleted by Twitter, and Facebook deleted the original post, because they said that CDC statistics were “disinformation.”

This is the CDC page that has that data.

Here’s the specific passage that says it:

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They have been faking deaths from the beginning, to the point where there is no reason to believe anything they say. All the way back in April, Madam Birx admitted that they were falsely recording every death where a person either had the coronavirus or was believed to have it as a death caused by coronavirus.

Watch this clip:

That’s from April, buddy.

Understand: this means that you could be in the hospital dying of cancer, and you could be having strained breathing. Strained breathing is a symptom of coronavirus. So you die of cancer, and they say, “well, he had strained breathing – this is a coronavirus death.”

People are having heart attacks and even without a test they are labeling them coronavirus deaths.

People have died in motorcycle and car crashes and been labeled coronavirus deaths.

People have fallen off ladders and gotten head injuries and been labeled coronavirus deaths.

Months ago, I made this boomer meme:

Listen to me: this is all a hoax.

At the very worst, this Sars-Cov-2 is a mild flu virus.

The logical thing to do would be this:

  • Implement safety measures at nursing homes
  • Tell people who are old or otherwise susceptible to stay home, or wear a mask if they go out
  • Tell people who are sick to stay home or wear a mask when they go out

That’s all.



That is what a normal country that cared about its population would do.

But this country, America, and every other Western country, has a weird agenda.

What’s more: we don’t even have to speculate as to how the elite is benefiting from this.

We know that the billionaire class is making almost a trillion dollars as the middle class is destroyed and every small business dies.

One of the main beneficiaries was Bill Gates – the same guy who pushed for this lockdown.

So this is what he is saying to you: “yes, I made tens of billions of dollars off of this shutdown, but I did it because I love you so much, and it is just a coincidence that I also became much richer as a result.”

Do you believe that?

Would anyone on earth believe that?

Of course not. That’s why the media continues to cover up just how bad the economic fallout from this hoax is. The government continues to print money to keep the system afloat, but eventually, they’re either going to have to stop printing money and let the bottom fall out or they’re going to hit hyper inflation and the bottom is going to fall out that way.

What’s more: no one could argue that Donald Trump wouldn’t have won this election if it wasn’t for this “pandemic.” Even if you don’t think there was fraud, no one could say Trump wouldn’t have won without this. The media even says that he lost because of “his response to the pandemic.”

Furthermore: the government is implementing all of these plans to take all of our rights away, citing this hoax as an excuse to do that. The government has constantly been pushing to strip us of our Constitutional rights, and they’ve done it now, using this fake pandemic as an excuse.

Most importantly: they are now openly saying that they are going to use this virus to implement a “Great Reset” and create a global communist government based on the theory of global warming. What that means is that you will be a member of a massive peasant class, mixed in with the billions of blacks and Dravidian Indian swamp dwellers. You will live in a pod in a high rise building and you will eat bugs. Meanwhile, the current billionaire class will remain, with their bureaucrats getting all of the best apartments, meats, cheeses, plane rides and hookers as their 30 pieces of silver.

I told you in April: we are now in a permanent virus state. This will not end until we end it.

Instead of ending it, we are now facing down the possibility of a Joe Biden presidency, where he will implement total lockdowns, in order to suck whatever money and freedom we have left out of the middle class.

He has said it outright, and Anthony Fauci has also said it: this will be worse than the first lockdown, and it will be nationwide.

We have to fight, fight, fight.

If we lose this fight for Donald Trump’s presidency, we have to immediately move toward secession.

Here is the map:

The dark red states are the deep red states that we can get a 65% secession vote passed in, 100%. The light red ones are a toss-up. But they might come later. The purple ones might come later. We just need to begin the process, and we have 100% chance of passing a referendum of secession in those deep red states.

That’s the play, okay? We don’t have any choice.

If Trump concedes or is otherwise removed from office, we need to do that vote, immediately, through a paper ballot system.

That is why I am telling you to get in the streets and stay in the streets. If Trump loses, all of these protests are going to switch from being pro-Trump protests to secession protests.

These Jews are opening a gateway to hell.

So you need to remember, now more than ever: there is only one dominant lifeform in this universe.