The Concept of Feeding Starving Africans is Apocalyptic Insanity

Martin Blaine
Daily Stormer
July 5, 2016

madonna-in-kenya-3An article has been making the rounds recently about Madonna posting pictures of the giant Kenyan slum of Kibera on her Instagram, in the hopes of tugging on the heartstrings of White people.


The Material Girl who never stops reinventing herself, Madonna, a seven-time Grammy Award-winner, actress, pop culture icon, founder of Raising Malawi and a Goodwill Ambassador for Child Welfare is in Kenya.

The 57-year old icon with an estimated net worth of over $800 million spent the day visiting Kibra, also known as Kibera, Africa’s largest slum.

In an Instagram post published only a few minutes ago, Madonna shared some of the moments from her visit today to the slum with Shining Hope for Communities, an organization that links free schools for girls to essential services for communities like clean water, and free health care.


The charity that she’s stumping for support for, Shining Hope for Communities, was founded by a Jewess from Denver, Jessica Posner. Posner supposedly fell in love with a Kenyan Negro and then went on to open a school for Kenyan girls and install some toilets and is now out to bring joy and brightness to the underprivileged Africans, et cetera.

All of this, of course, has earned her much praise and adulation from self-righteous liberals and fellow tribe members.

Denver Post:

For her efforts, Posner has been named one of the five biggest world-changers under age 25 by the Do Something Awards.

So on July 19 — 10,000 miles and just as many worlds removed from East Africa — she will be hanging at the Hollywood Palladium with the likes of Matt Damon and Natalie Portman for a star-studded awards ceremony to be hosted by Jane Lynch of “Glee” and nationally televised on VH1.

That’s the kind of random polarity in the world that Posner has learned to accept.


Jessica Posner and Kennedy Odede

The entire concept of feeding starving Africans and somehow raising them up to our level is clearly insane, and the long-term implications of such an endeavor are mind-numbingly depressing and terrifying.

The population of Kenya was recorded at just under 7 million in 1955. It’s now 47 million and one of the fastest growing in the world, thanks to our misplaced altruism.

And for what purpose?

Liberals don’t care about the lives of Africans. They think they do, but they really don’t. They care about their own feelings. They want things to be a certain way in the world such that it leaves them room for a life filled with hope and inspiration. They don’t want to be depressed about the world. Unfortunately, the reality of the world at the current point in history is extremely dire, and anyone who appreciates it for what it actually is is inevitably going to suffer bouts of depression. And also unfortunately, most people react to that situation by retreating into a fantasy that reality can be changed by wishful thinking and meaningless activity.

What’s going to happen when you feed and cloth Africans is they’re going to produce more Africans for you to feed and cloth. That’s what they’ve been doing for the past several decades now. There were starving African children on television commercials when I was a child in the 70s, with a White man standing in their midst telling you that for just 35 cents a day you could save one. Undoubtedly many people signed up and adopted an African child via Unicef or whatever it was. And today dozens of descendants of that saved African child are picking around in the garbage dumps of Kibera looking for food. But now celebrities want your money to start schools and get them Internet access. Forget about the 35 cents a day for a bag of rice, we’ve got much larger ambitions today. We’re not just going to feed Africa, we’re going to make Africa fully capable of “realizing its potential.”

Teach a man to fish, and all that.


Feeding starving Africans only creates more starving Africans.

Anyone can see that this is nonsense – anyone who wants to see, anyway. The problem of world poverty cannot be solved in this manner. It has not been, and it will not be.

But Liberals don’t give a crap about that. Liberals want to do something. They want you to help them do something. They’re gonna fix it. They’re gonna change it. They’re not just going to end poverty and hunger and misery, they’re going to make Africa into some kind of beautiful Utopia. The fact that it doesn’t happen doesn’t concern them. The fact that they’re actually compounding the problem doesn’t concern them. They just plain don’t give a crap. They don’t want to make the world a better place, they want to make themselves feel better by pretending they’re making the world a better place.

The situation today is far worse than it was in the 70s if you count the number of people actually experiencing poverty and hunger and misery in the world. And not just in Africa, but all over the Third – or, as it’s now called, the “developing” – World. The problem is it’s not developing. Nor is it going to develop. The First World isn’t developing either. All that’s happening is more and more people are being born into a stagnant world. There are many times as many human beings alive. Most of those human beings are capable of very little in the way of development, of themselves or of a society around themselves. That was not a particularly unfortunate or desperate thing a hundred years ago. It is however calamitous at this point, since there is simply no way it can be sustained.

People will not face this reality. And because they won’t face it, collapse is inevitable. To argue against that outcome is futile. Civilization itself is inherently dysgenic, and modern civilization is so to an inordinate degree. The complexity of the systems involved in any civilization requires the most capable members of society to devote themselves almost entirely to becoming educated in and then maintaining those systems. The smartest people therefore have very little time for raising families since they’re busy “keeping the lights on.” While conversely, the simpler people have little else to occupy their time with beyond eating, sleeping and reproducing more of their less capable kind. Hence, civilization is dysgenic.

Lothrop Stoddard - 2

Lothrop Stoddard and others tried to warn us.

Uncontrolled, this progression would lead to a bottom-heavy and unsustainable state of affairs in any case. But such is the madness of the world today that the process is not merely allowed to continue, it’s actually subsidized. There’s welfare for the folks who can’t make a meaningful contribution towards keeping the lights on. They’re given housing and food stamps and the luxury to bring as many more mouths to feed into the game as they can possibly manage.

And this is simply madness. Liberals are quite passionate in their denials, but reality is not susceptible to dreamy reasoning and sentimentality. They’ll call you racist, they’ll call you a Nazi, they’ll call you un-Christian and anti-human and whatever else. None of it changes the reality. It’s a reality that’s not speculative and idealistic – it’s concrete. It’s here all around us, and it’s undeniable. And depressing. And so few people want to actually face it.

“There’s no rhyme or reason to why I was born into the 80220 ZIP code; why I have never wanted for anything — and these people have nothing,” said Posner.

There’s no rhyme or reason. It’s just that way. Just cuz.

I’ll give Jessica Posner the benefit of the doubt and assume she means she could just as easily have been born a poor Black African child as a cozy Jewish American child, G-d willing, and not that there is “no rhyme or reason” why America and Kenya have somewhat different standards of living. But it’s typical of the kind of tactic Liberals will employ in their crusade to Save the Children, and it amounts to the same thing if you unravel the implications – that is: it might have been you. You might have been born a poor black African child. Wouldn’t you want somebody to help you if that was the case? Isn’t it the responsibility of more “fortunate” to help the less “fortunate”? It was fortunate for you to be born in a wealthy country. You’re lucky. These people aren’t so lucky. So let’s help them.

Of course the fact that Africa is a poor and desperate place to live has nothing to do with blind fortune – it’s the result of it being a place inhabited by Africans. That it sucks to be a poor black African child I have no doubt. Why does it then follow that I want to join a movement dedicated to increasing the numbers of poor black African children being born? I understand that’s not the immediate aim of Liberals, but it’s nevertheless the result of their endeavors.

And the reason they don’t recognize that is that they don’t care to – because, again, they’re not interested in solving the problem at all, they’re interested in not feeling miserable. Poor Black African children get them down. So they want you to help them feel better by donating money to charities which essentially accomplish the opposite of their stated objectives in the long term. It’s supposed to make you feel better too.

It doesn’t do anything of the sort for me.

Benjamin Garland contributed to this article.