The CIA Tweets About Black Panther

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2019

This is the CIA now.

ABC News:

Some Twitter users were a bit confused during the Oscars on Sunday as the Central Intelligence Agency tweeted about the fictional technology behind the Marvel superhero film “Black Panther.”

The agency sent out a dozen or so tweets about the science featured in the Oscar-winning film and even asked for advice on which “Black Panther” technology its 2.5 million followers would like to see used in “the real world.” It also tweeted a series of photos and poll questions “to get your views on the feasibility of Wakandan technology today,” referring to the fictional African nation where much of the film takes place.

The agency, which has received backlash for meddling in African affairs in past, also linked to press release from a CIA scientist named Rebecca, who it said had researched “Black Panther” communication technology.

This should be enough to clear doubts about the CIA working towards white genocide.

Quite the phenomenon this Black Panther thing.

It’s still being promoted today, a year after it was released, because it’s an effective way to provide an artificial identity to black people.

Blacks don’t really have a history and their identity boils down to “white man bad, slavery bad, gibsmedat.” They know this, deep down, which is why Wakanda was so effective at taking over their hearts.

It gives them meaning, a meaning they’ve been longing for for far too long.

Blacks were never Egyptians. They never invented anything. No wheel, no written language… nothing but mud huts.

You can’t expect much from them.

Which is part of the reason the media pushes so hard for white women to get with black men. Blacks were useful back when you needed to pick some cotton, but they’re useless today because most jobs require higher intelligence. The Jews are upgrading their slaves by mixing them with white women.

Jew’s ideal slaves. Smarter than cotton pickers, but significantly dumber than hand rubbers.

Black Panther and Wakanda serve not only as an artificial identity to unite dark-skinned people while giving them an ego boost, but also as a glamorization of blackness that eases race-mixing.

Never forget that when you see one of the few blacks that seem intelligent and civilized, the intelligent and civilized part was given to it by some white ancestor.

There are no pure blacks in the United States of America anymore. When the good parts of their blood manifest, people are inclined to believe blacks “are not that bad” when in reality the good they see is just the white part of them.

Lucky for us, we can still point to Africa to show the true nature of blacks… or at least something pretty close to it.