The Child Soldiers of the Khmer EU

Morgoth’s Review
June 25, 2016

child soldier of the eu

Remember the days when teenagers and youngsters were rebellious and stood up to authority? when they ”stuck it to the man” and dreamed of creating a better world? well, that was in the 60’s when they were brainwashed into tearing down the traditional Christian conservative order, those were the grandparents of the youngsters today who’re sending Tweets such as this:


The histrionics  of the ‘remain’ losers is already the stuff of legend, there’s no handshake and ”well played sir’ there’s no ‘oh well, that’s democracy’ what we are seeing is borderline psychopathy as these spoiled, self entitled, narcissistic, effeminate drones throw, not just their toys out of the pram, but the pillows and sheets and milk bottle too.

This, quite frankly, sick behaviour, is the result of decades of insidious EU brainwashing and indoctrination being carefully placed within the education system and media. It’s easy to see why a totalitarian system targets the young for indoctrination, they are, as Marxists would have it, an intellectual ‘Blank Slate’ filled with whatever doctrines and ideology their system desires.

Nowhere was this put into practice with more enthusiasm than in Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge, doctors, engineers, bankers and land owners were routinely rounded up by 12 year old girls and shot. The point was not to simply exterminate the bourgeoisie, but people who’re old enough to remember another time, a time when 12 year old girls played with dolls and made flower arrangements instead of screaming orders while struggling to carry an AK47.


Thankfully the children of the Khmer EU don’t have Soviet assault rifles, they have Twitter and Facebook instead, they’ve have never had to come to terms with any threats to their intellectual indoctrination, it was simply their reality, what this grand triggering event has done is to activate their need to protect the system which has nurtured them, but it’s too late, they’ve already lost, and the people who’ve taken it away from them are not just ‘old people’ there aren’t enough, no, it’s roofers from Essex called Dave, and factory workers from Bolton called Tracey.

Yesterday millions of Tracey’s and Dave’s logged onto their Facebook and Twitter and saw a remarkable thing, all of those metrosexual mop haired Uni grads who they viewed as ‘a bit of a trendy liberal’ had gone completely insane.


It was working class Whites that did for the EU in Britain, not just the elderly, they were always factored in by the establishment. It was, as Peter Hitchens noted, the return and revenge of the group who’ve suffered most at the hands of the Globalists. Strictly speaking not everything which motivated them to turn out in such record numbers was directly related to the EU, Islamification for example, but what they did know is that the establishment cared a great deal for the EU and so they took it away from them. When working class Whites look upon the EU they think of the swarms of immigrant rapists waiting in Calais, suppressed wages and generally being sidelined and forgotten, even loathed.

The tragedy of the children of the Khmer EU is that their world view is exactly what their masters want it to be, but they can’t see it. To try and explain it to them is like trying to explain the nature of water to a fish. They howl against old people ‘stealing their future’ while peddling the world view and talking points of an 80 year old billionaire Jew, they screech that it’s a victory for rich toffs while ignoring the fact that the EU is essentially a producer consumer slave farm created by and for High Finance, they whimper that the EU has brought peace and prosperity to Europe while Muslims rape and bomb their way across the continent and the Southern Europeans drown in debt and poverty.

But what truly makes you wince is that they have the gall to accuse working class whites and old people of ”Ignorance”.