The CDC is Telling You to Fear Your Cat, He Could Infect You with the Doom Virus

The CDC warns that if your cat comes down with coronavirus, he may go “joker mode.”

I’ve noted that this entire coronavirus lockdown agenda appears to be more of a psychological warfare agenda against the public than it is anything to do with public health. No aspect of this plan makes sense in terms of actually protecting people from a virus that we’re all eventually going to get anyway.

It does make sense in terms of causing an extreme psychological condition in the people.

Case in point, with people completely isolated from other people, they are now telling you not to touch your cat.

ABC News:

After two feline friends in New York became the first U.S. household pets to test positive for the coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says pet owners should take the precaution of simply treating pets like “other human family members.”

Though there have only been a handful of known cases of animals becoming infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, the advisory issued last week suggests people apply the same social distancing measures to their pets as they do to family with whom they’re living.

That means keeping cats indoors and walking dogs on a leash at least six feet away from other animals and other people. And best to avoid dog parks.

Inside the home, it’s fine to interact with pets as you normally would, ideally with frequent hand washing and good pet hygiene. But if someone in the household gets sick, the CDC says pets should be kept a safe distance from that person — just like the human members of the family.

“Social distancing applies to your pets too,” said Veterinary Specialist Dr. Melissa Salgado. “They are at risk of developing this disease so it’s best to err on the side of caution.”

What they are doing is creating in the minds of adults the psychology of an abused child: everything in the world is dangerous, and the only way to protect yourself is to completely withdraw from the world.

Meanwhile, the virus has a mortality rate that is similar to the flu, meaning that it is virtually impossible for a healthy person under 65 to die from it. The threat is minuscule, if it exists at all, and yet we are being conditioned through extreme behaviorist methods to live in a state of permanent fear.

This is what happens when your society becomes feminized. Neuroticism rules and everything is about immediate concepts of physical safety.