The Carnivore Diet How-To Guide: Why is Jordan Peterson Letting His Daughter Put People in Danger?

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2019

Mikhaila Peterson is aiming to lend her expertise and knowledge about cooking rare steak to the masses by writing a book about her carefully researched and carefully tested diet.

From the latest entry of her blog:

For those of you wondering, I’ve paused my consultations for a while. I really love doing them but I’m swamped. I am writing a book that should be an easier way for people to get the info they need, for a cheaper price. The Carnivore Diet How-To Guide is coming soon!

Jordan Peterson’s daughter has only been on what she describes as a “steak” or “carnivore” diet for about a year. Her writing a book about it is like a morbidly obese person going into a one-year fast and writing the Zero Calorie Diet How-To Guide. Yes, you didn’t die after a year. Congratulations for discovering that your body is quite resilient.

We know she’s suffered since she was born, that she feels better while eating mostly tallow with some beef, and that she has only been eating mostly tallow with some beef for about a year.

How can she possibly have anything to offer the world if she doesn’t know for sure where her current diet will take her in five more years? The time period she’s been on her restrictive diet is not enough to gauge its effects.

And this is all an experiment. There is no serious record or compiled data regarding people engaging in this diet long-term.

Deficiencies can develop over long periods of time, making them harder to notice. Just look at vegans and their B12 deficiency problems. They don’t instantly become B12 deficient, but unless they take supplements or eat foods that include B12 from time to time, after the two year mark they start noticing the symptoms of the deficiency.

Michael Greger, Vegan MD.

Although Mikhaila is not likely to become B12 deficient despite her gut issues, she may become deficient in other nutrients. There are nutrients we know about and there are nutrients that we don’t know about. There are unidentified substances in food and we don’t really know what role they play, or if they play a role at all.

What she is doing is very irresponsible.

Why is Jordan Peterson letting his daughter put people in danger?

She’s so out of her depth when it comes to nutrition that she often cites the Inuit and the Maasai as proof of how a carnivore diet is healthy long-term, but she never ate like them. She doesn’t eat organs, she doesn’t eat marrow, she doesn’t follow any of their dietary patterns. Her tallow and muscle meat diet is not a “carnivore” diet. Carnivores don’t ignore everything but muscle. Furthermore, the controversy surrounding the health claims involving both of those populations is not easy to dismiss. There are Inuit mummies with atherosclerosis, for example.

Inuit and Maasai are not very good role-models either. They haven’t ever built anything to improve their situation and barely managed to survive up to this day.

I get it, Dr. Peterson. Mikhaila hasn’t finished her studies, she doesn’t work, she has a baby, and she wants to run away from her husband. You want her to have her own income source and stop living off of your Patreon bucks because she’s a big girl now. But this isn’t the way.

You should be a proper father and stop looking up to your daughter for diet advice. It has made her believe she’s some kind of authority in the subject and it’s endangering people’s lives.

Daughters should never have any kind of authority over their fathers.

Dr. Peterson’s relationship with her daughter seems very unhealthy. In one of her Youtube live streams, Mikhaila ignored her dad’s calls and told the audience that it was okay because they talked all the time anyways, and the way she writes about her father in her blog posts is pretty weird.

Speaking of Youtube, his daughter was recently banned from the platform and Dr. Peterson came out in her defense. The ban was lifted shortly after.

Sputnik News:

Jordan Peterson Says YouTube Shut Down His Daughter’s Account Due to Politics

The criticism came after Mikhaila Peterson posted a tweet with a screenshot from YouTube which informed her that her video had been removed because it allegedly violated the platform’s policy on “spam and deceptive practices”.

University of Toronto Professor of Psychology and bestselling author Jordan Peterson lashed out at YouTube after the video-sharing platform temporarily shut down his daughter Mikhaila’s account and removed one of her videos.

Earlier this week, Peterson’s daughter tweeted a screenshot from the YouTube team informing her that her Q&A video had been removed because it allegedly violated YouTube’s policy on “spam and deceptive practices”.

There’s good reason to ban Mikhaila Peterson from youtube.

In her video response to a Daily Mail article, she said:

Oh another thing that I think should go on these articles is whatever dietitian they’re asking for their opinion should have to at least put a picture up so we can judge whether or not they’re healthy and yes I’m suggesting you can look at someone and see if they’re haf—see if they’re healthy because I looked green and puffy and now this is what I look like and I’m gonna stand up cause I’m actually pretty happy with myself.

Mikhaila uses lots of makeup and last month she revealed she’s been doing botox and fillers for a while now:

I’ve been getting botox in my frown lines since I was 23. It was originally my mom’s idea actually. Thanks mom, seriously. Glaring used to be my go-to facial expression. If I was thinking, concentrating, angry, upset, literally all I did was glare. I’m positive this was because I was overwhelmed with negative emotion/ miserably depressed. You can see depression etched on people’s faces eventually.

I don’t get botox done very often. Most people don’t. I was going every 6 months and when I realized I was much more sensitive than I had ever thought possible, and reacting to all sorts of things, I was concerned maybe I would react to botox. You know, considering it’s actually a toxin.

Bottom line: I don’t react to botox. Botox does not give me autoimmune symptoms, depression, anything. Except fewer glare lines Botox can trigger allergies in people who have a true allergy to milk, which I only recently found out, but it doesn’t bother me at all. So for all you sensitive humans that are worried about putting anything into your body that could make you flare, this particular sensitive human doesn’t get flare ups from botox.

Last December (2017) I had lip filler done. This may or may not be shocking to people, but it’s surprisingly common, especially among younger women. Fillers are made from a substance called hyaluronic acid (HA) that is derived from grain, usually. It’s naturally produced in the body, but obviously, grain-derived HA can be a scary thought. I probably wouldn’t have had it done if I had actually done my research beforehand and had known it was derived from grain. Regardless, it triggered no autoimmune response. I had them topped up again in April 2018 when I was actually feeling better mood-wise, and again, no autoimmune response. No symptoms. So that’s fun. Pretty much anything that doesn’t give me crippling autoimmune symptoms is fun!

I bleach my hair, I wear makeup that’s not natural, I get botox periodically, and I’ve had fillers. I drink bourbon and vodka because it’s fun, and it doesn’t make me sick. Not because it’s healthy. I don’t smoke weed because I’m worried I’ll react, not because I think it’s unhealthy. (I believe I reacted last time but I’m not entirely sure, and it’s not worth the risk).

Does that sound like someone who should be saying “put a picture up so we can judge whether or not you’re healthy”?

Especially considering how she looks without makeup.

So, what does she even mean by that? “The one with the most plastic surgeries and makeup wins“?

The Peterson family appears to be more concerned about getting people to pay them than actually helping people and improving their circumstances. They’ve been getting ridiculous amounts of money through Patreon, but their advice still hasn’t evolved from “clean your room” and “eat meat.”

Based on Jordan Peterson’s personal room situation, one may wonder if Mikhaila isn’t lying about her diet.

Dr. Jordan “I can’t do it” Peterson is known to avoid addressing the cause for most —  if not all —  modern problems. He’s not really interested in solutions, and his daughter is not really interested in helping people.

The Carnivore Diet

Eating only meat or only animals is the opposite end of the same spectrum that houses veganism.

I recently wrote that veganism not being healthy doesn’t mean that the food vegans eat is not healthy, but that eating only that restricted selection of foods is. The same applies to the “carnivore diet.”

It’s not a matter of whether meat is healthy or not, or whether vegetables are healthy or not. It’s a matter of preventing our people from artificially limiting themselves through ill-informed food choices.

Why would you handicap yourself?

You have to be prepared to kill an animal and eat it as soon as you need or want to. Even though food is now abundant in the West, things can change. You can see how things do change in places like Venezuela. Supermarkets don’t grow food.

Read the Diet and Nutrition, Aesthetics, Strength and Health article by Mr. Anglin. It will provide more value than anything Mikhaila Peterson could ever say, and you don’t need to pay for it.

You should pay for it though. If you can donate, donate. If you can’t, work on being able to.

We have to kick it up a notch or two this year.