The “Capitalist” Side of the Marxist Revolution: The Entire Economy Will be Dominated by Corporations

A New Order of Corporate Oppression in a World of Marxist Repression

Goodyear Tire recently took steps to indoctrinate their workforce into the Black Lives Matter agenda, encouraging employees to wear apparel showing support for Black Lives Matter while prohibiting them from showing support for Donald Trump or the police. In my piece on the news item, I noted that it was obviously illegal to say you could support one political party and not the other, but that they are thinking that in the current climate they are able to get away with it.

The question is: Why do they want to get away with it? Why is a tire company effectively compelling their workers to support a radical revolutionary Marxist movement that is currently rioting in several major American cities, burning buildings and beating people bloody?

The simple answer is that there are women and people of color in the Human Resources department pushing it.

It’s probably more complicated than that, however. It’s hard to believe the company would go out of its way to disenfranchise its own workers, which are obviously going to be an overwhelming majority Trump supporters, while also blatantly breaking the law, simply to satisfy the HR department. More than likely, this is part of the larger plot to completely reorganize society, and is almost certainly being introduced to the company from outside.

We’re talking a lot about the Marxist elements of this new order, but there are also extremely “capitalist” elements, involving a new economic order that will be entirely dominated by a few massive multinational corporations. We’ve been heading in that direction for a long time, of course, but the coronavirus hoax has put things into hyperdrive. I recently revealed the depression of having to cancel my self-help book, given that this manufactured collapse made much or most of it irrelevant. One of the major sections was about work, and a big part of that was about starting small businesses. That’s over now, presumably until the system completely collapses in on itself, at which point people will be able to start their own slave market.

At the outset of the hoax, it was estimated that there were 7.5 million small businesses in America – a heartening number – and that all were at risk of failing. A recent Washington Post piece noted that we have no idea what the small business situation is, how many of them have collapsed, because there is no governmental or private body keeping track. However, all the way back in May, when businesses were still getting the PPP money, it was estimated that 100,000 had already failed.

Meanwhile, the billionaire class – particular those in Silicon Valley – have been increasing their wealth by hundreds of billions. It is hard to say how much the corporations themselves are raking in, but according to a certain Orange Man, the markets are doing swimmingly as the people drown. The economy is a zero sum game, and what we are witnessing is the wealth of small businesses being transferred, wholesale, to the multinational corporations controlled by the elite ruling minority.

You see: as the goyim are running around like their hair is on fire, freaking out about a virus, the reorganization scheme goes a whole lot deeper than simply black people going nuts. We are going to have a Marxist social order, but the economy is going to be a caricature of a capitalist nightmare, akin to what we’ve seen in so many cyberpunk stories.

The order that they are planning will have people only being able to make the decision to work in a corporation, a government, or an NGO pushing a social agenda. It is likely that these workplaces will begin playing a more direct role in people’s lives, including guiding them morally. The plan, most likely, is to have people work generationally at these companies; that is, your children are raised to work for the company you work for, with the company playing a direct role in the education of young people.

Although you might still be able to find some low IQ moron somewhere using 1990s memes about the right-wing being the party of big business, the fact is that since the 1990s, massive corporations have been moving in the direction of the Democrat Party (or the equivalent in Europe, though that is more complicated), and they’ve spent huge amounts of money on marketing an image of progressiveness, including extreme support for man-on-man anal sex, women, black people and mass immigration (the latter makes sense in terms of economics, the others only make sense in terms of selling an image). This has led to the Democrat Party abandoning nearly all of its union-type moderate socialist policies with regards to regulating corporations or guarding workers’ rights.

All of the negative sentiment that was once aimed at corporations is now aimed at middle class white people, as the Marxist ideology was transmuted into a confusing mess. The original Marxist doctrine of class warfare was replaced with race, sex and now “gender” warfare. A normal heterosexual white male is at the top, needing to be overthrown, while the bottom of the order, the most oppressed of all, would presumably be a mentally retarded black transsexual in a wheelchair. The stated goal is to invert this order, and put heterosexual white men on the bottom.

I have very little sympathy for orthodox Marxism, but we must admit that the initial premises at least made sense on their face. You can see how someone would think that it was unfair that a small group of generational nobility controlled society while everyone else was left working at a factory or at the docks. The solution of building a middle class was a much better solution to the problem than killing all the rich people and collectivizing the proletariat, but the basic premises of Marxist thought were coherent.

This current new version of Marxism is pretty hard to get a handle on, rationally. In this order, actual status in society becomes literally irrelevant, to the point where Michelle Obama can give a speech at the Democrat National Convention¬†claiming to be oppressed while teleconferencing in from a twelve million dollar mansion in Martha’s Vineyard. She could, according to this doctrine, be “oppressed” by a homeless white person drinking milk in her presence.

Within this paradigm, a corporation can have moral authority over an individual, if the corporation follows the moral mandates of the established Marxist ideology. You’re going to be looking at a reality where these corporations effectively own their employees, and are required to give them moral indoctrination.

There is a complete agenda which was already established before any of us heard of it, and it is currently being rolled out. Goodyear might have jumped the gun, but what they’re doing is something that all corporations will be doing shortly.