The Bugman Juice Machine That Cost Google $120 Million to Develop

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
March 28, 2018

This is old news, but this is still not an uncommon event.

This retarded bugman juicer costs 400 dollars and requires an account on a smartphone app as well as a constant connection to the internet to work. They also sell your private information. I’m not sure what information they would get from a juicer, but they get it, whatever it is, and sell it (to Cambridge Analytica probably lol).

So, you take a bag of juice which is already liquid and put it in the machine.

It then… squeezes the juice out.

Google put over 100 million gosh-darned dollars into making this thing. Do you even know what a hundred million dollars could buy?

And it doesn’t even actually make any juice.

Just solves paste into a juice.

Priorities, nigger – get some.