The British Economy is Also Doomed

The American economy is doomed, as you may know.

The same is true for the British economy.


A new survey by British manufacturers’ organization Make UK has shown that the number of companies planning to make redundancies in the next six months has risen to 53 percent.

This adds to the sharp rise seen in the last three such surveys over an eight-week period, rising from 25 percent to 42 percent previously and comes despite a gradual improvement in sales and orders. Such a scale of highly skilled job losses in manufacturing has not been seen since the 1980s and could become a ‘real bloodbath,’ said the report.

Almost a third of companies (32.3 percent) are planning to make between 11 percent and 25 percent of employees redundant, with just under eight percent of companies planning to furlough between a quarter and half of their workforce.

“There is no disguising the fact these redundancy plans make for very painful reading. As well as the distressing personal impact on livelihoods across the UK, Industry cannot afford to lose these high value skills which will be essential to rebuilding our economy and investing in the industries of the future,” said CEO of Make UK Stephen Phipson.

According to him, “At present, the prospect of a V-shaped recovery for Industry seems remote. Therefore, if we are to mitigate the worst impact of potential job losses, Government must extend the furlough scheme for key strategic sectors to provide them with vital breathing space.”

The survey also showed that just 15 percent of companies are now operating at full capacity. Almost a fifth of companies (18.8 percent) are operating between a quarter and half capacity and just under a third (31.8 percent) between a half and three quarters capacity. The proportion of companies expecting a return to normal trading to take twelve months or longer has risen from just under a third in the last survey to 42 percent.

You know whose economy isn’t doomed?


Sweden didn’t do a lockdown.

5,646 people have died of the coronavirus in Sweden.

That is 0.0513% of their population.

The UK did an absolutely insane lockdown, and 45,422 people died.

That is 0.0688% of their total population.

For those of you who are not math geniuses: more people have died in the UK with their kook lockdown than in Sweden with no lockdown. You can say the British are fatter, and try to add more factors to it, but it doesn’t really matter, because they are both so close and so infinitesimal as to be nonexistent.

Of course, some people died, but let’s be real: they would have died of a different flu if they didn’t die of the coronavirus flu. Someone who is so unhealthy that they die of a flu hasn’t got much time left whatever the case, hence the fact that the average age of death is usually 80+. Trump gave the number of 78 as the median average this week, but most of the younger people probably died in motorcycle crashes and they listed their deaths as corona because the virus caused them to crash.

I don’t mean that literally. I just mean that the US has been ultra-liberal in attributing deaths to coronavirus, and they are putting people who die of things completely different on that list, because every person who dies with the virus is listed as dying of it.

Even if they die in a crash, or maybe fall down and get brain bleeding.

That story makes more sense now – the virus caused him to fall down the stairs!

Note that while the motorcycle crash death was cleared out of the records, allegedly, none of these other accident deaths have been – let alone all of the heart attack deaths, which Trump thankfully also mentioned this week.

Coronavirus is a nonissue and it never was an issue and the governments have promoted this lunatic hysteria because they wanted the economy to collapse, they wanted to force people to give up their most basic freedoms, they want to transform all of society.

This transformation hasn’t even gotten started yet.