The British are Hardly “Functional” Either – Maybe Clean Up Your Own Mess First, Fags

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2019

I would certainly not go so far as to claim that the Trump administration is functional.

But the May government can’t even do Brexit.

And at least Trump doesn’t go on TV and cry.


US President Donald Trump has hit back at the British ambassador to the United States, saying he has “not served the UK well” after leaked memos revealed the diplomat had described the president and his White House as “inept” and “uniquely dysfunctional”.

Ambassador Kim Darroch had said Trump’s presidency could “crash and burn” and “end in disgrace”, according to a cache of secret cables and briefing notes sent back to Britain seen by the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

“We don’t really believe this administration is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction-riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept,” Darroch allegedly wrote in one dispatch.

The paper said the most damning comments by Darroch described Trump, who was received by Queen Elizabeth II during a state visit to Britain just last month, as “insecure” and “incompetent”.

A memo sent following the controversial visit said the president and his team had been “dazzled” by the visit but warned Britain might not remain “flavour of the month” because “this is still the land of America First”.

He reportedly wrote that the “vicious infighting and chaos” inside the White House – widely reported in the US but dismissed by Trump as “fake news” – was “mostly true”.

Asked about the leak, Trump told reporters in the US: “The ambassador has not served the UK well, I can tell you that.

“We are not big fans of that man and he has not served the UK well. So I can understand it, and I can say things about him but I won’t bother.”

I’ll go ahead and say some things about him.

Or at least I’ll say this: he’s a fag.

Just look at him.

What a dweebus.

The funny part is that no matter what, he now has to be fired because he can no longer perform his job after this.

He was trying to phrase those sentences with British politeness, but he was overcome by British smugness.

Now, he’s going to have to work in… probably banking, I would assume.

As far as the Trump administration being unpredictable, clumsy and inept – wow, huge revelation there, pal. Really gotta be on the inside to figure out something like that. Not only on the inside, but also an inside genius, with high-level skills in reading people and situations.

That’s some high level state secrets there.

Quite the doozie, m8.