The Breonna Taylor Case Might Have Merit, But They’re Just Using It for Standard Black Freakout

The Breonna Taylor case is the one single case in this whole Black Lives Matter fiasco that has a bit of merit. Whatever race a person is, the police should not be breaking into their houses in the middle of the night.

“No knock raid” is a standard method police use to kill people. It basically amounts to an assassination. They’ve done it to several right-wingers. The situation is: they break into your house, then yell at you, and if you move, they shoot you to death. It’s bizarre to allow this in a society.

Taylor was certainly not innocent, but this practice is simply insane.

That having been said, the media and the blacks don’t care if it is a real issue or not, so trying to have a discussion about no-knock raids right now is pointless. It’s basically the reverse of how you can’t oppose topless women at the beach because the Moslems are doing it.

We’re in a situation where people who were very critical of the cops are now supporting the cops, because all of the dynamics have been reversed, at least for the time being.

Alex Jones recently was interviewed by Stephen Crowder, and he laid this out, saying that people get confused that he’s been against the police state but he is not against the police in the way the blacks are.

(Start at 10:00 after Crowder’s stupid and unfunny bullshit.)

Alex lays out a bunch of stuff in that interview that is very good, but the point about being against a police state and not against the existence of police is excellent.

When all of this that is happening reaches a new normal, you’re still going to have a police state. You’re going to have fully militarized squads that break into your house at night and kill you, just as happened to Breonna Taylor. It’s simply that the neighborhood cops will be pulled off of your streets, and replaced with Antifa with badges.

This is about creating a situation where blacks can do whatever they want but whites live brutally oppressed.

What is happening is that a two-tiered justice system is being created, where whites live in total lawlessness but are also subjected to extreme police state measures if they get out of line or try to defend themselves.

These Breonna Taylor protests don’t mean anything more than any of these other ridiculous riots.


At least 68 people were arrested in Louisville, Kentucky, as crowds marched Tuesday over the death of Breonna Taylor, police said.

The protests were largely peaceful but a large group of demonstrators “crossed several intersections, creating dangerous situations as traffic continued to try to make its way in the area,” Robert Schroeder, interim chief for the Louisville Metro Police Department, told reporters.

Officers gave directions to stay on the sidewalk and those who did not were eventually arrested, Schroeder said. Those arrested will be charged with obstructing the roadway and disorderly conduct, he added.

Tuesday’s protests were expected to be one of the largest demonstrations in the city since Taylor’s death. The EMT and aspiring nurse was killed in her own home in March when three plainclothes police officers executing a “no-knock” warrant returned gunfire after her boyfriend fired a warning shot because he thought he was shooting at intruders.

Taylor’s mother, Tamika Palmer, told CNN this week that she doesn’t understand why the investigation into her daughter’s cases remains pending after months.

“A lot of times you want to give up, you want to walk away but I know she deserves justice,” Palmer told CNN.

Numerous protesters traveled from Florida, Michigan and New York to join this week’s demonstrations. Many say it’s time for the officers involved in Taylor’s death to be charged.

They marched through the suburbs again, screaming at people.

It’s all so very tiresome.

The cops obviously shouldn’t be charged, because they were just doing what they were told to do. These no-knock raids should never have been legal, but they are legal, and the procedure is to break into someone’s home at night and then shoot anything that moves.

In a real country, the system, and not the individual officers, would be the ones indicted. This police state lunacy with all of these new powers all rode in on the back of the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York, and none of it was ever scaled back.

Instead, the attacks on “the system” are attacks on white suburbanites, who are accused of the undefinable mystery crime of “systemic racism.”

See, this is what they can do: they create problems and then say they’re going to solve the problems they created by creating new problems. All of it is aimed at hurting white people.